All-new Cloud Class from Adamus Saint-Germain!

Traveling in time – we’ve all fantasized about the possibilities. Go back to fix a mistake? Look ahead to see how things turn out? If only we could. But according to Adamus, all this – and more – IS possible! 

On October 3, 2015, Adamus made this groundbreaking statement: “You do not move through time and space. Time and space moves through you.”And now, he goes on to explain that in true time traveling, you simply allow other moments in time to come to you.

The remarkable thing is that when this happens, you can literally change the past and redirect the future. In fact, with time traveling and the new access to your wisdom, everything is changeable!

After presenting four in-person Time Traveling events, Adamus decided it was time to make this astounding material available around the world. With five sessions and several hours of experience beyond time, it is not to be missed!

The future is the past illuminated. The past is the future illuminated. It’s all about illumination. ~ Adamus

Cloud Class access includes pdf download of Adamus’ time traveling guidelines.


  • Time traveling is natural!
  • Learn how to visit – and change – your past
  • Realize that the future is also up to you
  • Meet yourself in other lifetimes
  • Everything changes with access to wisdom
  • It’s all about illumination

Format: Streaming video, audio, and online text e-reader
Cost: $150 ($195 after September 29, 2023)
NOTE: Attendees of the in-person Time Traveling events will receive an automatic 50% discount during checkout.
Access: 90-days access to video, audio & text e-reader

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