Fine Lines

By Geoffrey Hoppe

It seems that ever since Heaven’s Cross I’m noticing more fine lines that ever. Not just in my face, but in how I interact with my reality. It’s a good thing, I suppose, that nothing is as defined and structured as before. Maybe the rest of the world still has their thick black lines set down in permanent paint, but mine are getting thinner and vaguer by the moment. 

For instance, what’s the fine line between sanity and insanity? Between being balanced on Earth and expanded into the other realms? Between being human and divine? Or, being alive or dead? The fact is, it doesn’t even feel like a fine line any more. It feels like a wobbly wet noodle, barely held together by gravity, changing in every moment. All of the noodles are worming their way around other noodles in the bowl of reality. Lines? There’s a fine line between lines and noodles these days. It’s just that one is straight and limited, while the other is of the Free-Range variety. Free-Range Noodles! OMG, that’s what we Shaumbra are becoming. 

A fine line means that there’s no longer clear distinction, separation, or judgement about what is and what isn’t. The line could disappear at any moment. Black could become white, white could become green, and pretty soon it’s all just blinking Christmas tree lights floating in mid-air. 

Did we ask for this, or is this just a natural bi-product of the heavens opening their arms to us? It’s a fine line. We asked for something, and something is happening, but I don’t recall asking for disorientation, lack of good old qualia, and at least a dozen WTF? moments every day. 

I’m walking a lot of fine lines right now. Here are some of my recent musings, or perhaps crazy thoughts. It’s a fine line:

There’s a fine line between fishing and just sitting in the boat looking like an idiot. 
Do I at least get a Participation Award for sitting in the boat, acting like I’m fishing?

There’s a fine line between success and failure. 
Just one or two ingredients can make all the difference. Hold the garlic and onions please… 

There’s a fine line between a lawyer and a liar. 
They even sound similar. 

There’s a fine line between genius and insanity.
“Hello, I’m Geoff. I’m a spirit channeler.” 

There’s a fine line between being impressionistic and just plain messy.
It’s all in the eye of the behold unless you’re a Virgo like me. Then it’s just messy impressionism. 

There’s a fine line between arrogance and confidence.
“Hello, I Am Adamus Saint-Germain. I’m the president of the Ascended Masters Club.”

There’s a fine line between hope and sadness. Sometimes you can feel both at the same time.
I hope I never feel that sad, or perhaps it’s sad that I have to hope to never experience this conflict. 

“Tell me about the looming fine line between human intelligence and artificial intelligence.” 
Just enter that line into ChatGPT and see what comes up. Chances are the machine will come up with better stuff than you or me. 

There’s a fine line between character building and soul-destroying.
I’ve had parents, teachers and drill sergeants that claimed to be helping my character. Look at me now. I’m trying to put my soul back together.

There’s a fine line between wanting to leave the planet and wanting to be the ruler of it all.
Hail Caesar. He got both.

There’s a fine line between being a matador and a rodeo clown.
They both come eye-to-eye with the raging bull, except one has big cojones and the other has a sense of humor.

There’s a fine line between genius and crazy. It all depends who’s driving the car. 
At times I feel like I’m just a passenger in a crashing car. Oftentimes I don’t feel like anybody is driving the car; other times I feel everyone except me is driving the car. It’s a fine line.

There’s a fine line between bravery and utter stupidity.
The day I decided to climb to the top of the Sydney Bridge in Australia without a gun being held to my head was probably on the side of stupidity. Plus, I had to pay $175 for the harrowing experience. 

Good humor is always about walking a fine line. 
Tell me about it. I’m trying to write an article to take Shaumbra’s mind off the drama of fine lines and my humor seems to be failing me. 

There’s a fine line between a stream of consciousness and a babbling brook to nowhere.
Just watch some of the Shaumbra interactions with Adamus.

We are walking some challenging fine lines right now. We’re faced with the fine line between being human and being divine, the line between being mortal and immortal. There’s a miniscule line between our physical body and light body, even though we tend to think they are separated by vast differences. The lines between our foibles and our wisdom are about as stable as Jello. 

Oddly enough, there’s a very, very fine line between efforting and receiving. Adamus has been talking a lot lately about Receiving. He devoted a large part of the June Shoud to the subject, and again at the recent Keahak XII Finale. Apparently, it’s a big deal; I recall him saying something like, “It’s the biggest change in consciousness in the past 7,000 years.” One would think they are polar opposites. Efforting means working hard for something, and receiving means just letting it flow to you. The fine line is that they are both just energy, both serving you. The fine line is how you want it to serve you. Hard work, or ease and grace? Battling or peace? Suffering or joy? The fine line is one of perception. Does energy need to be efforted, or can it be received? Do we need to keep score of our hard work, struggles and suffering to be worthy of our own energy, or can we simply accept it without paying any dues or taxes? 

It’s a fine line. In other words, you don’t need a deep dive in philosophical or psychological issues, nor debates about the worthiness of the human condition, nor dreary dialogues about the existential purpose of lines in our lives. It’s a fine line. You just decide whether you want to live on this side or that side of the very thin line. It’s about as simple as choosing to Labor for Energy or Allow Your Energy. 

Adamus is the Master of Fines Lines. He knows them well, and knows how they can be perceived as Thick Lines. Have you ever heard his story, “My 100,000 Years in a Crystal Prison”? If you haven’t, you’ve probably only been with the Crimson Circle for 30 days or less. His crystal prison was ultimately an illusion, but for 99,999 years + 363 days he believed it was real and acted accordingly, imprisoned by its impenetrable lines, until one day it became fine lines and he simply walked out. 

Now, he wants us to walk out of our illusion that energy must be earned by means of hard work, suffering and worthiness. Ultimately, it’s a very fine line held in place by the gravity of mass consciousness and our own patterns. Let’s change the world by turning that line into a Free-Range Noodle.  


  • Geoffrey Hoppe

    Geoffrey Hoppe founded the Crimson Circle in 1999 after a series of conversations with the angelic being known as Tobias. He left the corporate world in 2001 to devote his full time to the Crimson Circle, along with his wife Linda. Geoff channeled Tobias until 2009 when Tobias returned to earth in a new incarnation known as Sam. Tobias handed off his guidance role with the Crimson Circle to Adamus Saint-Germain, a facet of the Beloved St. Germain who has been working with humans for hundreds of years. Geoff has been the messenger of Adamus Saint-Germain ever since.


47 thoughts on “FINE LINES”

  1. Ooof! I feel that! Fine lines indeed. Thank you for the hilarious visual, Geoff! This one is definitely going to stay with me!

    1. one of my favourite movies for 3 decades is This is Spinal Tap – so many “lines” i love in the movie “There’s a fine line between stupid and clever” ” it’s not your job to be as confused as Nigel”

  2. ❤️ Loved the fun content AND format of this article, Geoff!

    I actually saved the the “Oddly enough” paragraph as wallpaper on my phone! —
    It’s a fine line between between tech savvy and just a weird ol’ fart 🙂 🤣 ❤️

  3. “Good humor is always about walking a fine line.
    Tell me about it. I’m trying to write an article to take Shaumbra’s mind off the drama of fine lines and my humor seems to be failing me”.

    No way – hilarious!!! As a fellow Virgo cynic and wordsmith, I chortled so loudly at your masterful humour I scared the cat. 🙀

  4. Me ha gustado mucho el articulo Geoff. Es tan acertado sobre la realidad que tambièn experimento.
    Muchas gracias por eso.

  5. Your article is a great way to define my experiences. One day as I was driving I realized, in a way I have never before or since, that the line in the middle of all of the roads in the U.S. A. are not concrete walls but actual lines and yes a semi, massive truck, large suv, you name it, if it is on the highway it can cross that line of imaginary protection and create real drama. What a rude awakening that would be! Literally.

  6. Free Range Noodle,I wonder if that’s on the menu and can I just ask for FRN?
    Actually,it’s a great way to describe how I and probably many others,
    are feeling at the moment.
    Thank you for the new great expression-Free Range Noodle.

  7. Luvcica Stoica

    Edificator,clar și hazliu.Chiar experiențele actuale se simt ca o pânză destrămată,dar mă bucură că prezența Aici și Dincolo,fără deplasare (un veritabil ȘI) e mult mai naturală și intr-adevăr simt UȘURINȚĂ.

  8. Perfect timing for this sentiment and facing, ty…. Are fine lines about the illusion of paradoxes?? How hard should we work at moving beyond hard work (into pure, simple receiving) 🙂🙏

  9. Bussmann Felicia

    I feel the same! Thanks for your article!!! The fine line between beeing here on earth and at the same time beeing in the Elysian Fields I feel the most in these days. And I’m very irritated sometimes!!!

  10. I definitely agree with your suggestion, Geoff, to change the world by replacing the thin illusory line with free-range noodles. Enough of the false belief that I could earn my energy with proper hard work, with as much suffering and dignity as possible. I have already decided for ease and grace, no effort, only easy and grace. Your prediction about the last 3 weeks of June came true for me to the letter. Since June 20, 2023, I consciously function as a transmitter and receiver of my own energy… I am a conscious creator changing the radio station to the channel I want… I move my frequency so that it is in line with my perception .. I am amazed with the miracles that happen to me as I sit in the seat of the vehicle of my universe……For 2 weeks, whole days and nights, the song I believe that I can fly has been playing in my mind

  11. Thanks for this article Geoff! I completely agree with him. I also experience these lines …. sometimes in heavy metal version … I also wanted to thank you for expressing yourself as you feel, not censoring yourself, not denying what you feel …. Thank you also for who you are to teacher Adamus…. Thank you for not giving Adamus a salute despite your career in the military…. Thank you for asking the hard questions and being yourself…. Thank you for whatever it is…. expressing yourself . Thank you.

  12. Somewhere Adamus was joking that the earth can be perceived flat or round, but actually it is a string.
    The world of strings is a subatomic level which I can perceive. When I dive in there, I become spaghettified. The noodles somehow still seem material, but what about the sauce?
    The sauce, the space between the noodles is for the Free Energy Body. I recognize there the interface between matter as humans perceive it and light. Strings bathe in light.
    I AM strings AND I AM light = I AM human spaghetti salad
    The thin line is the AND. The last few days I experience that I am no longer IN a body, but I am WITH a body. This is like having crossed the thin line. I identify more with the sauce. I am sauce and my body is the noodle. This gives me the feeling of I Am WITH body and thus I am free from the prison of matter without losing matter, without dying.
    My body liked this very much. It felt like a huge burden was lifted from it to have to carry my light. I feel free and amazingly well grounded and balanced.
    It is a delight to be spaghetti salad. We step into the Future of Body.

    1. Love this! “I am no longer in a body, I am with a body” feels so true! Thank you, from me AND my body ❤️

    2. When you said “spaghettified” I laughed out loud- what a word creation! I like your humor and your wisdom. Perfectely on the point. Thank you.

  13. … a fine line between mushy and al dente.
    I love the humorous game where the flag of wisdom always waves at the end. Thank you Geoffrey for your articles flowing in like a delicious sip of wine. ✨

  14. LOLOLOL….Babbling brook to no where, so true!
    Stream of conciousness ? Every once in awhile the stream stops and pauses into the present moment, revealing that all is well in all of creation, right now. While the dance of motion and experience flows along…..

  15. I have noticed the fine line between attempting to help make the world a better and safer place that is burdensome, and doing
    so in a way that is done with ease, and brings joy.

  16. ‘until one day it became fine lines and he simply walked out’
    Yeah Adamus, I bet that’s when you said ‘Fuck it’
    ”What ever’
    And lived happily ever after!

  17. Excelente artículo. Tan delgada es esa línea ahora en muchos aspectos de mi vida, que se está volviendo transparente esta línea. Desaparecerá la transparencia? Lo más seguro para quedar todavía más locos. Bienvenida esta locura humana !!!!

  18. Fantastic article, thank you Geoff!
    There’s a fine line between KNOWINGNESS and doubt. I KNOW Heaven’s Cross is real. I feel it, I see it around me, and yet everyone around me is oblivious. maybe I’m crazy, “imagining it all”, hallucinating,in a coma … Maybe all of this. Does it even matter?

    The fine line between receiving and efforting is one I’ve been battling for years. Now I finally see the humour 😂
    Receiving can look like effort to an observer, when we are receiving a continual flow of inspiration and going with it. And sometimes doing very little is effort. It’s all about the perspective, and the feeling, which can be a very fine line. Or soggy noodle …

  19. “Tu alma viene a ti, está cruzando el camino para venir de tu lado, para estar aquí contigo y no vive atada al tiempo, todo es simultáneo, todo ocurre en el momento, el pasado, el futuro, todo está sucediendo en este momento, todo se está experimentando en este momento” Vida del Maestro 14 sesión 2

  20. I feel on this this the very first lessons of the creator series. Choose and dance what comes to your front door… This means receiving.

  21. Thanks, Geoff. Great perspectives to contemplate!!
    Why did the Free Range Noodle cross the road?
    …..To get to the other side of the fine line!!

  22. Thank you, Geoff. I love how you are always so authentic and willing to share what’s going on. Feels like noodles to me too. Nothing straight and narrow (or broad).

  23. Joelle Koller

    Thanks Geoffrey, as always you article is making sense to me, having me smile from one ear to the other and even laugh out loud. I love your way of writing about our humanness and our divinity. Can’t wait for the podcast and the Shoud, thanks for everything.

  24. Ibironke Lardner

    Allow, allow, allow. But what is ‘allowing?’ I wonder, am I the only one who still desires to understand the ‘how’ of this Divine attribute? How do you allow? Is it taking each day as it comes and not worrying about what shows up, because you believe or know that all things will eventually resolve themselves? Is it standing behind the short wall and simply observing? And taking action that is within your capacity/capability and leaving what is not well alone? What does ‘allowing’ feel like? Thank you to anyone who takes the time to respond.

    1. You are far from alone in this, all of Shaumbra is dealing with this, but so far it has been in vain. I’m convinced that no one has Self Awareness yet, as you can see from the comments and conversations, even Jeff and Linda and Shaumbra are in the same boat. Permission! … damn him! as I understand it, a person cannot give permission and receiving on his own, this is surrender to the invisible and unknown, and a person resists, such is nature! Adamus said three years ago that Shaumbra would pop like popcorn! Waiting patiently, good luck!

  25. Hello Jeff! Thanks for sharing! fine lines for sure! I also wake up at night from unimaginable lucid dreams where I live my other lives!!! I even confuse – what my life is now!!! and Important: in no dream life was happy, one big Shit with the same characters !!! if you are reading this, it would be nice to start a page where Shaumbra share their experiences towards Realization! For 3 months they waited for the heavenly Cross, I read in the Shouds that in about three more months, profound changes will begin in the life of a worker in the kingdom! but did he come to the person from that job??!! I have a fine line now – to leave … or to stay and wait another 3-5 months in this useless life?! Thank you if anyone answers

  26. Maravilhoso! Grata por suas palavras, é muito bom ler seu artigo, agora posso relaxar, as vezes penso estar ficando maluca, embora eu saiba que não rsrsr Gratidão!

  27. Surely I will keep reading this article over and over, it was very helpful in understanding myself right now, so difficult. If I just receive, many things begin to happen, to move, and it can be scary too for my human mind, I say to myself, wow! Is that easy? was it just a coincidence or was it my allowing on receiving?, too many things happening, but I just know that I breathe and my soul will know what is best for me, what is here for me, so thank you for your article. I just laughed a lot where it says: “Hello, I’m Geoff. I’m a spirit channeler.” In my case it would be “Hello, I´m Tina. I´m an angel who worked in the other realms for a long time, but now I am fully on earth” …

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