Dear Shaumbra,
We’re still tweaking and improving the new Shaumbra Magazine format. Let us know how you like it and what else you’d like to see! 

Things you can do:

  • NAVIGATE – Use the arrows at the top right corner of every page to move between articles.
  • PRINT – You can print each item individually by using the “Print” button at the end of the article. (Please make sure to scroll through content and get all the images including comments loaded for the print option to work properly)
  • DOWNLOAD – To browse the magazine offline, click “DOWNLOAD PDF VERSION” below. Note that this format has active links but is not optimal for printing. 
  • TRANSLATE – Use Google translate or DeepL for easy conversion to your language.
    Get the DeepL plugin for Chrome / Edge
  • SHARE – Click the share buttons at the bottom of each page.
  • COMMENT – Add your comments to many of the articles and pages.
  • ARCHIVES – Select a back issue from the ARCHIVES, then use the buttons on the welcome page to begin navigation.

We hope you enjoy this new format! 

The CC Magazine Team

Cover: A Time Traveler
– AI artwork by Marc Ritter

Founder: Geoffrey Hoppe 

Co–Founder: Linda Benyo Hoppe

Editor: Jean Tinder

Art Director: Marc Ritter

Full-time Staff 
Virgilia “Vili” Aguirre
Alfredo Barranco
Alain Bolea
Bonnie Capelle
Seissa Cuartas
René Elizondo
Julio Cesar García
Juan Carlos Juárez
Alberto Lunagómez
Ricardo Luna
Michelle MacHale
Cristian Mendoza
Jorge Merino
Carolina Oquendo
Peter Orlando
Iván Parra
Pavel Ramírez
Victor Rodríguez
Steve Salins
Juan Luis Santamaría
Jean Tinder
Arnold Tovar

Crimson Circle Energy Co.
PO Box 7394
Golden, CO 80403 USA
Crimson Circle IP, Inc.


17 thoughts on “WELCOME”

  1. I like the way you are working on the improvement of the Shaumbra Magazine. For practical purposes I prefer to download the PDF version, although I can also approach the website.
    Thank you for the insights and the excellent work that you are performing.

  2. Niwa forma magazynu bardzo mi odpowiada mi. Nie znam języka angielskiego a teraz mogę bez wysiłku czytać . Dla mnie to duża radość. Dziękuję .

  3. Ajustment towards my first impression upon the new magazine…
    I love the new set-ups.
    Evolving , accompanying us….Congrats!
    Great team of creators…
    Beautifully designed!
    it flows…..

  4. I love Marc Ritter AI artwork, I love the way you CC Team are always improving what you are offering so gracefully to us, such high standards of quality… true Masters in service! My eternal gratitude to you and Adam’Us to support so efficiently our crazy ride!

  5. I would like to see a “routine” place for the time of the shoud, preferably with intro, or at end of Geoffrey’s article. Thank you.

    1. Hi Terri,
      We always include the Shoud info in the Shaumbra Magazine email announcement. Also, there’s a countdown timer on the live webcast page. 🙂

  6. Terri Sorg here. I see that if I scroll down in the email announcing the magazine, I’ll find the time for the shoud. (after the advertising!)
    So, please disregard my previous message. Thank you.

  7. About the Cover – Ah …. so AI doesn’t understand clocks and numbers! It took a while to notice the double 12s and 3s. The man looks strangely sad too. Not Shaumbra for sure!
    I enjoy the new presentation – So clear to navigate.

  8. Dear Team!
    I know that you’re trying to improve but unfortunately I still really dislike the new format.
    It’s very uncomfortable to read, nothing like the old magazine, which felt like an actual magazine.

    It feels like a disconnected space somewhere in the internet with a lot of words. I really miss the wholesome graphic design that was so pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate.
    As I prefer to browse through the articles first and then read what catches my eye, at the beginning I was happy that you intruduced a PDF version again.
    But now I noticed that this is not comfortable at all to read either.
    The letters are way too small and there’s too much empty space everywhere to get into reading with zoom.

    I am very disappointed and confused why so many people seem to like this.
    I would really love to have something more wholesome and aesthetically pleasing!
    Thank you for caring!

  9. I like changes that are actually for better–not for worse–
    When I first learned about the CC their web page was interesting, inviting, and it had a beautiful melody playing. Over the years, I have noticed the changes; Several years ago, they had enhanced their monthly magazine with some replays and important pick reminders that were very helpful. But after that, the changes have not been improvements.

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