kasama online – Walking with Your Soul

Hosted live with Geoff & Linda Hoppe

August 11–13, 2023

Adamus invites you to go beyond suffering, reunite with your soul, and live in grandness, because your destination is inevitable! In fact, energy serves you with total accuracy, and the way life unfolds is all about your self-perception.

In your own words…

Here’s what attendees had to say about Kasama:

DEEP“I just finished diving in to KASAMA for the second time. It goes so deep, I can hardly fathom it.”

BEST – “The best material available on Earth at this time.”

SUPPORTIVE – “The channeled messages are deep, profound and have an effect on all levels – body, mind and soul. I am very grateful to have this support, especially now when the world is really ‘crazy.’ Reconnecting with my soul and feeling the energy flow clearly in my body now (I get hot flushes every time) helps me to stay grounded, to shine my light and to continue on my own path.”

LIFE CHANGING – “Such dense transformative content – I find it difficult to evaluate using ordinary parameters. Life changing certainly. I am going through it all again and learning how to apply every day.”

BEAUTY – “One of the best workshops ever!! The lightness and beauty of the nature around the Shaumbra Pavilion has an effect, too!”

ILLUMINATING – “Excellent material – I didn´t realize before how much I still suffer in my personal life.”

INVALUABLE – “It’s difficult for me to put into words what this experience has meant to me. I’ll say this: I knew I had to do it and I’m absolutely happy I did. It’s been the most invaluable Crimson Circle workshop I’ve ever done and the most powerful experience of my life.”

RELEASE – “For me it is the highest and holiest thing I can experience. Kasama has changed my perception and my self-perception and brought great insight and release.”

FANTASTIC – “I did so many online classes but this one is EPIC. Immediately after the class a lot of old energies started to dissolve in my life and New energy came in. Absolutely fantastic.”

PRECIOUS – “For me this was the most precious and exciting experience I have come across. To merge with my soul and my deepest inner truth makes me extremely grateful and joyful. It is so precious I cannot even find the right words to describe how I am feeling now after Kasama. Everything seems to unfold in a beautiful way so that I can keep up with every step I take from now on. I feel my “I am” far more and it is pure joy!”

WONDERFUL – “I hoped to immerse myself totally in my own energy and Shaumbra energy during the three days of Kasama and forget about the world. Instead, it helped bring up all the things in my life that ‘prevented’ me from doing that, my main sufferings at the moment. Wonderful how my energy served me once again, through Kasama, and not exactly how my mind expected it to go, but infinitely better. Should be used to it by now!”


  • Energy responds to your self-perception
  • The song of your soul has always been there
  • Now is the time to release all suffering
  • Sing back to your soul
  • See yourself in a new way
  • Allow kasama to become a way of life

Sessions: Nine sessions including live channeled Q&A
Format: Streaming video and online text e-reader
Cost: $595 (automatic 50% discount for graduates)
Access: 90-days access to video & text e-reader
Translations: E-reader available in 12 languages 

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