By Geoffrey Hoppe

We had Crimson Circle’s semi-annual Managers Meeting at the studio in Colorado a few weeks ago. About half of the managers attended in person, while the other half joined in on Zoom from places afar. We talked about everything from finances to upcoming events and productions, technology, AI, customer service and Shaumbra. Yep, we talk a lot about how we can continue to serve Shaumbra in the years ahead.

During one of the sessions I mentioned a Shaumbra situation that had popped up the day before. It truly puzzled me. Someone started a thread on the Crimson Circle Facebook page about the video announcement we created for Adamus’ new Meta Changes – A Heavens Cross Follow-Up (Meta Changes Promo). They were very clear that they didn’t like the trailer, but instead of identifying what they didn’t like, they just said it looked “American.” Hmmmm. I assume they meant it looked overly promotional? We take great care not to be pushy or sell-y with our product promos and recaps. The goal is to tell Shaumbra what the product is, and what they could expect from it. We don’t make promises or use marketing gimmicks to get people to buy. There’s no need to because either you are drawn to the product or you’re not. Shaumbra are pretty discerning, and they tap into the energy to determine if they are interested in the products. It would be an insult to try to coax them into buying something. 

We pay attention to the energetic quality of everything we put out for Shaumbra. It’s reflected in the graphics, music, audio and video quality, color selections, design, and final presentation. The reason is simple, and it’s ingrained in the Crimson Circle staff: We do it to honor Shaumbra. It’s the same as having an over-night guest at your house. You honor them by having clean sheets on the bed, vacuuming the floor, amenities in the bathroom, etc. Whether they ever notice it or not, they can feel and sense it on some level. It creates a safe space.

When someone feels safe they are more prone to relax, open up and allow. 

It’s the same reason we pay particular attention to the room layout in the studio, the arrangement of chairs at workshops, the volume of the sound, the temperature in the room, and all the little details. It’s about honoring Shaumbra, and making sure they feel safe. When someone feels safe they are more prone to relax, open up and allow. 

We have a great in-house creative team at Crimson Circle. What always impresses me is how well we collaborate with each other. There are no artistic prima donnas. We work together on everything from the Shaumbra Magazine to the product graphics and promos, as well as the store and website designs. Creativity-by-Committee is usually a disaster; and the resulting end product is usually uninspiring.

What we present to Shaumbra has to match the quality of Shaumbra’s energy, so it better be good. 

Not with this team. We come up with the basic creative concept, then it improves as the team members add their input. We’re not afraid to trash the entire concept if it’s not excellent, even if we’re already into production. What we present to Shaumbra has to match the quality of Shaumbra’s energy, so it better be good. 

Now, back to the problem at hand: Someone expressed their disdain about the Meta Changes promo video. The script was straight forward, without any pushy marketing techniques. The video clips within the promo were pretty cool, at least in my opinion. The music was good but after listening again I realized it was a little too epic, a little dramatic for this product. On the Facebook page, some people agreed that they didn’t like it while others said they enjoyed it. I think it was about a 50/50 split. Still, I was totally puzzled. I thought it was pretty good, otherwise we would never have released it.

During the Managers Meeting we put the promo video on the big screen so everyone could see it. We played it several times before the discussion. “What’s there not to like?” I questioned. The script was good, we paid for a professional voice-over announcer, the video clips were high quality, and the post-production work was smooth and professional. This led to a much deeper discussion about our core values. 

It’s funny how a simple thing like this promo video would lead to a long discussion about our values. Here’s what we observed about the Crimson Circle as a team, and our relationship with Shaumbra:

Authenticity – Shaumbra demands that we are authentic. Over the past 24 years it’s what has created a high level of trust. Not only do we want to be authentic, we need to be because we are dealing with people’s lives. 

Integrity – Our integrity has to be impeccable. We can’t stray from our reason for being here: To serve Shaumbra. It can’t be for fame or money, power or glory. We can never put ourselves above any Shaumbra; we are all on the journey together. 

Consistency – As an organization we have to be consistent in everything we do. No surprises (we’ll leave that for Adamus). We can’t be one thing one month, and another thing the next month. Consistency helps create the safe space. When you stay at a Four Seasons (five star) hotel you know it’s going to be consistent quality whether you’re in Germany or Japan. When you interact with Crimson Circle, you know it’s going to be a consistent energy whether you’re reading the Shaumbra Magazine, attending a live workshop in Hawaii or tuning into the monthly Shoud. 

Compassion – Staying here on the planet as an embodied Master is not always easy. I truly believe we’ve taken on one of the toughest missions of all. As an organization, we must have compassion for each and every Shaumbra. We need to honor and respect their journey, no matter how they choose to experience it.

Safe Space – We are charged with creating a safe space, whether at a live event, during an online Cloud Class or with our customer service. A safe space allows the human to expand, express, experience and realize (enlighten). Without a safe space, the balanced relationship between parties collapses, whether it’s in a personal relationship or between an organization and it’s members. 

How can we continue to earn Shaumbra’s trust, and serve them with integrity?

It was a very insightful discussion with the CC Managers. These were all things we knew, but never assessed them at a single time and place. The last portion of the discussion was asking ourselves, “How do we continue to earn Shaumbra’s trust, and serve them with integrity?”

It was a nice male voice, but it was an outside voice.

How does all of this relate to one person’s comment on Facebook about the Meta Changes promo video? As I mentioned, the management team viewed the video numerous times before opening the floor for discussion. There was one simple thing we had all overlooked in our pursuit to create a quality video. We all came to the same conclusion as a big “duh!” moment swept over the room. It was the voice! We had hired an outside announcer to read the script. It was a nice male voice, but it was an outside voice. He read the script well, but he wasn’t Shaumbra. It lacked the important element of (energetic) integrity and therefore disrupted the safe space. It was not consistent because usually the new product promos feature clips of Adamus. It was a good voice if you’re selling cars or hamburgers, but it was energetically out of harmony with Shaumbra viewers. 

That night, I made a few revisions to the script. The next morning Linda and I recorded the new version using my voice. Bye bye professional announcer. Within hours Peter Orlando put in my voice and changed the music to something calmer and we had the new version – the Shaumbra energy version – of the Meta Changes promo video ready to go. I viewed the old and the new side by side. The original was pretty good for a promo, but the new version was a heartfelt message to Shaumbra. 


I’ll never forget this simple but profound “duh!” moment. It’s especially important as we launch into new technologies and Artificial Intelligence. We have big plans for these in our future, and we have a 10-person in-house tech team to make it happen. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have the word “Duh!” tattooed on my forearm so I always remember to maintain a close, personal and authentic relationship with Shaumbra. Technology and AI can improve Shaumbra’s experience with Crimson Circle, but nothing can ever replace the personal energy relationship. Duh!  


  • Geoffrey Hoppe

    Geoffrey Hoppe founded the Crimson Circle in 1999 after a series of conversations with the angelic being known as Tobias. He left the corporate world in 2001 to devote his full time to the Crimson Circle, along with his wife Linda. Geoff channeled Tobias until 2009 when Tobias returned to earth in a new incarnation known as Sam. Tobias handed off his guidance role with the Crimson Circle to Adamus Saint-Germain, a facet of the Beloved St. Germain who has been working with humans for hundreds of years. Geoff has been the messenger of Adamus Saint-Germain ever since.


91 thoughts on “A BIG DUH!”

      1. Perfect 🥰!!

        It’s resonates absolutely 💯 with my intuition.

        And my heart

        I can understand you completely

        But The sound of the voice brings the frequency of the soul !!!
        And all the things that you Creating bringing harmony
        The Soul

        Much love to all

        Thank you for the integrity 🙏 💜💜💜

      2. Gracias Geoffrey, Linda y cada persona del equipo Crimson Circle por Ser, Estar y Hacer tanto por Shaumbra, por la Vida misma y por el Planeta.💖
        Gracias muy Amado Adamus.💖

      3. Muito obrigada Geoffrey, Linda e toda equipe, vcs são ” geniais/ demais” gratidão pela disponibilidade.

  1. Yes it did sound foreing, but to me it felt like novelty, as we always hear Geof’s voice. I didn’t see the post, sounds like too much drama. However what I do want to mention is how honored I feel to read about all the values that you have towards us. I never thought about it and I honor you back for that. Thanks so much! This brings me to a new level of appreciation towards you, myself and Shaumbra.

  2. Peter Suedkamp

    Dear Geoff,

    thanks to you and the CC staff for this truly wonderful article. It’s always very beautiful to read what you have to share with us. And I can feel the integrity and love you put into everything that you share whenever you do.

    I am deeply impressed and grateful that over the long years even lifetimes that I am Shaumbra myself that you still are at a 100 percent level of being authentic in everything you release to serve us. And I am honored that we are family. As you mentioned so often we have gone through a lot and paving the way for the ones that are new or going to come after us has been a real tough one. It’s had it’s high’s of course but although chosen by myself I am happy that I am here now having arrived at the sunny side so to speak.

    I feel blessed because of you and the CC staff and as I already have mentioned to be part of the Shaumbra Pirates family. So be blessed also! So be it! And so it is!


    Peter Suedkamp

  3. Totally understand from all sides and appreciate the insightful pivot! Thank you CC for creating the safe space for Shaumbra AND the safe space for your own team to share all your voices!

  4. Brenda Barrett

    I saw the promo on YouTube and wondered if it was truly CC. I was still intrigued and went to the CC store and purchased the Meta Changes product. Best decision ever. Love it. So don’t beat yourself up, you can’t please everyone all the time. Blessings.

  5. Great article. I didn’t like the original promo. I thought geez they hired a professional voice over and it felt strange, bought it anyway. I imagine that there are some shaumbra that have experience in voice over/ radio, tv etc and that would be available to do promos.

  6. It was because it wasn’t Geoff speaking. Not too much difference when you had big summer workshops with other channelers like Kryon/Steve Rother/ Jim Self/ etc. … shaumbra had no interest in listening to them or attending, they wanted Geoff.

  7. It was because it wasn’t Geoff speaking. Not too much difference when you had big summer workshops with other channelers like Kryon/Steve Rother/ Jim Self/ etc. … shaumbra had no interest in listening to them or attending, they wanted Geoff.

  8. I wasn’t a part of the conversation about the promo. I don’t think I saw it. But I am a bit curious if the cover image of the woman in the butterfly dress is AI.

  9. When seeing the trailer I thought, gosh, is this voice going to be used through the whole Meta Changes. It did not resonate with me. I was so relieved to see Linda and Geoffrey and Adamus! Thank you for sharing the exchange of realizations at the Managers Meeting!

  10. WOW, what a observation, understanding!

    For the announcer, what a Rude Awakening, in respect of what he spoke, especially if the concepts were really new. One’s belief in their own words, or disbelief by the mind, adds or detracts from their expression.

  11. Geoffrey,Linda and Entire C.C. staff,
    Aside from the “duh” moment this created for you all.
    It also brought forward to you AND now to Us,( thank you for sharing this Geoff.) Some very beautiful gathering of your true passion and creativity with each other And every individual Shaumbra.
    I feel it. We feel it. In all that you do.
    That safe space, the honoring, the passion to serve.
    Heartfelt Love and Thanks for each of you!

  12. I wondered about the change and yes, it felt strange and distant. But then, I know the you and the staff are trying new things with the changes happening (collectively, individually, energetically, etc.), being in the Shaumbra highway as Adamus puts it. Good thing you were able to pick up on this as this is a good reminder for everyone to move, create and expand with integrity, alignment and balance. It used to be when it comes to details and challenges, the size of things no longer matter but how it energetically comes to us? Because, you know, it’s the silent whispers that we really need to watch out for. We just got more intuitive and more discerning, the feeling coming to us first, and after some time, the words? I feel this is a good example of that. A seeming innocent detail such as a different male voice over but energetically, whoops! – it feels different.

    Of course, we love you Geoff, not only because you channel Adamus, Kuthumi and the others, but because of who and what you are. Even if most of us have not yet physically met you and Linda, we know you. Your authenticity and integrity contribute to the uniqueness of each message, shoud, cloud class, etc. Your energetic stamp, Linda’s, as well as the staff, make Crimson Circle products really special.

    I do not see this as a mistake, but an experimentation, a learning point or reminder, even. We can just be talking a promotional video- but hello, the video’s about meta changes! So there is an appropriateness to it.

    Thank you for all the work, passion and love you all bring to this world and all of creation.

  13. Berta Rodrigues

    When I heard the initial promo, I won’t lie, my heart sank a little, not because it wasn’t well done but it wasn’t Geoff’s voice and he is Shaumbra’s primary representative. I thought to myself, almost immediately after “get over it” but it was like I was grieving a loss but what I have NEVER doubted is Crimson’s Circle’s dedication to Shaumbra. I feel the integrity from the CC team so deeply and I’m so grateful to all of you! Thank you for taking on the roles of honoring and giving a voice to the Shaumbra journey – without CC the journey would have been so isolating.

    1. Monique ten Brink

      Thank you Berta, you formulate precisely what I experienced: getting over it in deep trust of the integrity of CC team. And now I also realize that I was not fully present at the moment I ‘got over it’. It reminds me of the importance of being fully present in the moment. It’s the seemingly little things that matter (pun intended). Blessing from Monique.

  14. I just saw the Original, I found the first chosen music okay. But the for-hire Speaker had no life, no passion?
    I’ve heard weather reporters on the news with more charisma! The Robots speaking on the recent Keahak intro actually had more inflection!?

    On the other hand, I was very impressed and touched by Geoff’s description of the Meeting of the Staff and their dedication & service to Shaumbra.
    We’re all very proud, that is ( My Human, Dragon, Merlin & Soul, it’s all my energy so cannot speak for others…. lololol ) of the humility, passion & authenticity of Crimson Circle as an Entity.

  15. Your voice, Geoff, makes up 80% of the messages for me. I am so much attuned to it after 20 years of listening that I almost immediately relax and open up ( same applies for Linda’s breathing part) AND get carried away often times.
    I was shocked and totally taken by surprise listening to the first version and I couldn’t believe my ears. Are they going to outsource the voice now? Is that where it goes? I wasn’t going to join Keahak this year but one day, one of the last days to sign up it became clear to me, I would miss your voice. So I joined. I recognize people by their voices before I can even see them. So this voice thing has been in my life forever. Thank you for duh moment. It was perfect and at the right time. 🌸

  16. You nailed it! What a great description of the CC creative process. I felt exhilarated just reading this! Thanks for sharing.

  17. well done team! I am very sound sensitive and if the music jars (it often does) then I either discard the activity or turn the volume down. Well done to all of you for realising that the ‘outsider’ voice depersonalized the experience. There are two outsider voices that woulda done it; Earl Jones and Linda Hunt. The latter was a narrator for a documentary Before We Ruled The Earth and her narration was deeply moving.

  18. Dear Geoffrey and CC Team, I am very touched by your level of service, commitment, willingness for evaluation and clarity!!
    Thank you so much for doing what you do and sharing this so openly!! Please don`t be too hard on yourselves.
    (I have not felt drawn to purchase the product and wondered why as I was looking forward to the HC follow ups… Looking forward to watch the new trailer. Thank You again!!!)

  19. It reminds me of Mystery Schools. They were so sequestred into their own comfort that the schools had to close.
    You’re walking a tightrope. Be vigilant.
    And all this mental gathering, seriously ? “Ask the Master within and listen. LISTEN… ” Duh!

  20. I think that the best teachers are the ones willing to also be students. Learning while teaching others. That is also integrity and authenticity.
    Thank you Geoff and all of the CC team for everything you do and facilitate. Blessings. Geertje Zamlich

  21. This whole topic is a distraction!!!
    I wonder… we allow sunshine, rain, wind and snow… and one comment (duuh).
    Allowing the Devine energy of the heavens cross on the other hand seems to be a bit complicated not realy in our reach (duuh)

  22. 😃 Great work! thank you, The first one was more like a advertisement, the second one..what shall I say, that feels like home. so thank you!
    I bought the Mega anyway, but I am relieved we will hear Geoff’s voice again

  23. a little surprised by the length of all this, the debate but as the saying goes, the devil is in the details. And everything is important. For me, your voice, Geoffrey, brings Shaumbra energy beyond words
    We are the Rock family, what is shaumbra remains shaumbra and I can feel the energy shift in the voice even though very beautiful
    We are like that. It’s not an insignificant detail.
    Thank you for taking all your time for this. Rich (Not short version as I wanted ! It’s My shaumbra passion )

  24. Christina Wastl

    Thank you Geoff for applying your voice – Shaumbra voice and energy in !! So much better : feeling authentic and *home*, when there is Shaumbra voice to listen to.

  25. Wow, Geoffrey, thank you so much for showing me how to be responsive and act with respect towards an outside critic. I am usually quick to brush someone’s critic off and move on. This showed me, how to handle it in a way that lets you find some hidden treasures and messages. Thank you so much for sharing your process. Christa

  26. Thank you a lot for taking your mission so serious, for all you put into to serve and honor us.
    I did not like the alien voice so much but knowing all products are excellent it also was no big deal for me.
    With your new insights maybe the female speaker (for SES) will be re-thought too? This voice is even a bigger challenge for me.
    Blessings full of appreciation to all of you

  27. Eliana Albuquerque

    …e tudo porque sua voz, Geoff, é a voz com que Adamus nos fala. E, o que ele expressa é o sentimento dos shaumbras e suas vivências. Não ouvi o vídeo original e só neste momento ouço a nova versão. Soa como música cuja letra os shaumbras conhecem. Me enternece ao pensar como o staff do CC trabalha e seu amor fica tão tangível em seus presentes. Beijo-os ternamente, agradeço e os abençoo de forma muda epeço ao Cosmos que se permita este amor chegar-lhes como uma retribuição. Dar e receber e tanto nos ofertam por suas paixões. Dádivas constantes.É muitas vezes tão solitário ser assim …shaumbra. Porém quando entro no CC é como extermar minha casa interna, e comungar com os meus. Muito obrigada? humanamente sim. Recebam meu amor.

  28. I believe someone even pointed out in the comments at the time, that it sounded far too commercial. Personally it reminded me of some network marketing ad. It just felt really off… the voice-over guy really didn’t fit into CC energies… but that didn’t prevent me from buying this amazing product, and it was a really great channel…

    Goes to show what a “good cover” can or cannot do, as many said they didn’t buy the product because of that voice-over. I personally find that a bit silly but anyway….

    So, I’m glad that this has been realized…

    And just to add, considering how global CC now is, -and not meaning to offend anyone, but just as an observation-, I think a big difference is in what many from other countries are used to in terms of announcements and “commercials”, and what Americans are used to.

    Non-Americans, or Europeans at least, usually tend to find American ads/announcements/commercials over-the-top, loud, noisy, overly dramatic, sensationalized, and find the never-ending babbling loops really annoying… I mean, sometimes they just going on and on and on and on, until you’re on your knees begging, “Pleeeease, just get to the point!!” 🙏. It’s so 1980’s, but for some reason they often still do it that way. LOL*

    And that’s perhaps what some meant when they said, “It’s too American”.

    Anyway, thank you for sharing that insight! Interesting to read the process that went on behind all this!

  29. Susana Piohtee

    Oh those ‘Duh!’ moments … so valuable. And in this instance, super important. I have not yet listened to the trailer under discussion, but I have observed that usually when very ‘successful’ organisations grow they do often lose some of the ‘whatever/ connection’ it was that made them successful in the first place.
    As a Brit, I have always found the American approach in general very off putting (brash, in your face and over the top); however because over the years, the majority of my sources of spiritual sustenance and challenge have been based in the USA, I needed to overcome my prejudices pretty quickly – which I did … mostly anyway 🙂 Maybe it’s something to do with that sense of safety that can be found from sounds that are culturally familiar.
    And … I want to take this chance to thank all of the CC team for the wonderful work you all do; I highly appreciate it.

  30. I haven´t seen the initial promo, but maybe it would have given me the same feeling of weirdness I felt when I watched the SES promo with the woman´s voice sounding not very authentic.

  31. I thought that was over dramatic post, how 50% suddenly lost connection to material and some were sucked in this dramatic wave of changes, some wanted to create even voting lol. But my respect to Geoff & Linda and hard working team for pampering those who just want to be heard and express opinion.
    Ha ha anyways now we just need to wait some time, while actor will be kicked with energy of message and would look for shaumbra 🙂 ( and hope he will not be upset about finding this meta changes changed)

  32. Geoff’s mellifluous tones, with a touch of the gritty oftimes, are hypnotic and soothing, and maybe a touch addictive, ha ha!!!!
    Maybe we shaumbra just become more sensitive to the external, as the illusions fall away more and more,[apocalyse] and gravity changes.
    One thing for sure, Crimson Circle team continue to stand out in their LIGHT with
    L love.
    I integrity.
    G global
    H humour
    T truth. And you are all so appreciated and loved . Thank you. And as Adamus says everything we do is based on an emotional preference.

    1. Just replying to myself here [duh!] Re description of Geoff’s voice, meant to write gravelly, not gritty……. Cheers. jane

  33. Never Noticed it getting beyond what AI and the new meta changes will bring is already more than enough to allow I Am trusting my self on deeper levels than ever before and allowing this Grand embodied experience I Am. I don’t exactly have great trust for Facebook at all yet I know how safe I have felt from the first day to now choosing what I look at or respond to any post to which is decreasing for me in these forums now like fb. I trust the Crimson circle website and the connection center maybe more now than before I have observed other platforms get scrutinized and challenged and I remove my presence if it does not sit well as a free safe space.
    Linda and Geoffe and the staff they work for and with have maintained this aspect of integrity overall from my points of viewing my Self Awareness since I entered CCEhumbra.
    ..it happens when the channeler is deeply dependable CCAdamus St Germaine may have said STFU instead of Duh.
    So having Wisdom of experiences I would have to say to my self “Stay out of it” Its not yours, and this 2million dollar cents I just posted here is only for I am here. And I buy what ever I choose during this Magnification changing Energetic times and CC keeps my choices safe and sound to Explore Creatively exactly how these new potentials can be Allowed and Received even by the New Awakening Conciousness.
    & Duh this is not a play omotion.
    I just ordered it and went through the experienced nice in total energetic awareness filtering what I wanted from it.

  34. Thank you Geoff for sharing this. I didn’t even need to see the promo or short video version to buy this product, I was just impatiently waiting! So thank you for releasing it and make it so professional and of excellent quality. I wish for myself to work with such a conscious team as you do. Thank you for all and to all CC staff

  35. marc andre auclair

    At first listening I I’ve immediately heard the « Voice », sounding new but also very professional, as if CC team wanted to reach a broader audience. I said ok, it’s interesting…
    I profoundly respect the insight process that the team went thru. Bravo 👏
    I feel safe and we could see the tremendous amount of work behind the scene and above all the sensibility and honesty.
    What a great example
    Thank you from my glowing heart !

  36. To be accurate: It was not only a non-Shaumbra-voice. It was a way of presenting spoken words in a tradition of selling cars and movies (typically based in USA), with the sound-engineering to fit.
    Thanks for correcting!
    And btw: I’d love to hear other Shambra-voices as well 😊

  37. Jose Luis Martin

    I have recently ended an expansion psychic program outside of crimson circle. During the program I remember thinking: these people are very pushy with the marketing strategy…. What a boring introduction… again the same stories??? OMG is the people really asking that??? Nevertheless the info coming from the channeler was really good though.
    Definitely I would not have done it better, so why I was so pissed off?… well I found out that in my mind CC is the standard. And you Geoffrey has explained why CC is the standard in my subconcious mind. What a coincidence this just happened….
    I did find a resistance when saw this add may be the name or what? Well Adamus has been motivating as for a decade with: this is the time!!! This is the time!!! and my human aspect says yeah right but when? Is like Geoffrey doubting about heavens cross.. but that is another story line….
    By the way the only story I never get bired of is the one of the Crystal prision

  38. Thank you for the change of voice! Now that feels like Shaumbra-Home again.
    And please, dear Geoffrey &Linda &CC team , would it be possible to also change the voice-over of the SES-promoting video? I love that class, but with that voice-over announcement I would not even have taken it….
    Thank you , Blessings to all Shaumbra and CC

  39. Everything about Crimson Circle is amazing. I am proud and grateful to be a part of it. All the hard work that is put into it by everyone is appreciated. I honor you all. Lady Renee

  40. Silvia Treder- Dalkmann

    Aus vollem Herzen empfinde ich Dankbarkeit und große Liebe
    für das gesamte CC-Team….
    UND ich bin so etwas von stolz und beglückt Shaumbra zu sein und
    kontinuierlich aufs Beste und Liebevollste von euch informiert
    zu werden.
    Lichtvolle Segenswünsche

  41. I feel your “Duh!” My first thought at seeing what prompted your article was, “Are you kidding me, really?” Admittedly, I did not watch the video before ordering the product, so I wasn’t even aware of the voice change. Superficially, the complaint sounded quite inane to me. But then, after reading your article, Geoff, I realized how truly, madly, deeply I enjoy your voice. How I take comfort from it. How I even miss it if I go several days without hearing it. How it connects me to you, like a dear friend, although we’ve never met. How it calms me down, makes me laugh, and makes me go unconscious on a regular basis. Even when you’re not “Adamus,” as I’m guessing you aren’t when you do voice-overs, it still has a very strong presence (there’s that word again 🙂 ). So, yeah, a big “duh” for me too; now I get it, big-time. I am again astounded at the extent to which you guys think about everything you do and how you do it. And then, even more amazingly, you then often share it with us! Thanks a million times over for all that you! You all are simply the best!

  42. Debbie Doherty

    Very interesting, Geoff. I remember listening to that and feeling off about it. Now I realize it did feel like the American way of squeezing more money out of the words Heaven’s Cross. As a fellow Virgo, I understand your need to get to the bottom of this and I applaud you and the Shaumbra who brought it to your attention. I look forward to listening to the new version!
    Thanks for keeping Shaumbra Energy in everything you do.

  43. Thank, you, Geoff, for this article. It explains the experience I had with the welcome side and the guidance through the keahak XIII website-use in July 2023. its exactly the same effect these unfamiliar voices had for me. May be you want to check on this one to, its for the many newcomers ahead.
    With love and hearty keahugs

  44. Ooohhh I am so happy that is your voice now. It was very weird for me to see the first trailer but I bought the product anyway cause you are doing the best amazing job. And now that I read the article I was also : ” duh ” . I said to myself: that s why you didn not like the trailer. Because of the voice. Different energie. Like always you do your best to serve us and this is what I appreciate on all of you. The passion and dedication that you have is overwhelming for me. Deep gratitude

  45. The first promo video felt very out of place and completely flat. The words were there, and all the technical quality with it, but the most important thing was missing, our energy, so, thank you for changing it. 🤗🤗

  46. I almost feel sad to have leaved a message in the thread about Meta Change promo, mainly because I knew and know even better with your article in this Shaumbra Magazine, that you do a lot to generously give the best. I wrote something then because, I was disturbed about the fact I wouldn’t have bought the product with the so short “Adamus talk”, I had not enought to feel if it was for me. I felt more good energy with your voice,Geoffrey, so despite the fact it was still a glimpse of Adamus talk, and the video wasn’t so much appealing for me, I choose to go for the product, because it’s usually helping me so much. Thank you so much for all that you and your team do for Shaumbra. Hugs

  47. Well maybe from now on in our Shouds together “AHA” moments can be group spoken and laughed with a
    “DAH”!!! ~ALL TOGETHER NOW!!~ 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Like, “I knew that”! ”DAH” LOL 🙂 🙂 🙂
    We’re with you Geoffrey. Thank you always for making the giggles.

    1. A freakin retired school teacher and I can’t even spell !!!
      I truly know how you felt Geoffrey! LMAO!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  48. Thank you very much Geoff and team. I do appreciate all the detail which goes into each Shoud and Magazine. I was just on a run/hoop in an effort to get dispel a personal niggling after receiving a corporate email addressing me and thousands of others as “Beautiful beings” Authenticity can be felt, and I do feel it from you.

  49. I was moved to tears about that deeply feeling how right your are with this wonderful insights. This four values should be like a basic law for everyone beeing in service to people. Thanks!

  50. Mari Schmitz-Wenzel

    Dear Geoff and Linda and the CC team,
    Although many Shaumbras have already written, I still wanted to write a few lines personally myself here to thank you for your utter dedication to us at all times for everything you do. These are not only the speed, quality and the quantity of the materials but also small things including the level of choosing every single word, every single typo, colour, sound harmonics and so on. I really feel very honored to be a member of Shaumbra family. Thank you.

  51. Franziska Peterhans

    Dear Geoff and Team

    you know, I bought it anyway, because I knew, it was important and I wanted to have it… despite the voice.
    Yes it was the voice… I didn’t like it.
    But thank you for your insights and for all you do.
    I appreciate your high quality.

  52. 17 years with a scarlet circle, but something went wrong! these videos for that kind of money!…. and if you live in a country now drawn into the war?!….. taking care of every shambra, Jeffrey? then why did they remove free broadcasts and now only paid videos?! how to raise the trust of shaumbra jeffrey? now I don’t know….neither you nor Adamus will even read this, unfortunately.

  53. Thank you! I feel a new joy being here, both with myself and Crimson Circle, that I have not felt in a very long time. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!

  54. The amount of thought that went into a simple facebook discussion on a promo video! Wow!
    Geoffrey and Linda and the CC team – Thank you! For being authentic, for always trying to keep the core essence alive. I truly appreciate everything you do!

  55. Mariann Marthinussen

    So true Geoff. That voice did not fit the script or the pants. Your voice (Adamus’ voice), is the one carrying the energy. Hard to beat that. Glad that was considered and changed. The previous video had too much drama – now I can receive it 🙂 Thank you – you are doing great work.

  56. Thank you Cauldre. Thank you CC staff.
    I purchased the product as soon as I heard of it. It is excellent material as always.

  57. Yes, the voice over immediately turned me off and I felt uncomfortable; I don’t think I even listened to the who video. I’ve been listening to Geoff’s voice for 20 years and couldn’t understand why it wasn’t him speaking. Thank you so much for redoing it. and, thank you for honoring Shaumbra so.

  58. De todo corazón gracias por lo que hacen.

    Gracias Linda, Geoff y todo el equipo del Crimson Circle. Cuanta luz, calidad y calides se percibe en cada palabra, en cada mensaje.

  59. I was a little amused and kept wondering what was going through the voice actor’s mind reading all of this “far out” stuff.

  60. Thanks for the overview and the specific behind the scenes look into the management of CC materials. Totally agree with all of it. Nice job.

  61. I’m an ex radio announcer with I am told a beautiful soothing voice – I am Australian they might not like that either lol

  62. Together, we have created brilliant content without equal. About 8 years ago, Geoffe’s Adamus translation of mind & mood altering medications changed to SSRI’s without explanation & he rejected repeated requests for clarity, potentially tricking shaumbra into headband slavery drugs & extreme consequences for this & future lifetimes. Thereafter, ADHD drugs, among others, were “approved” because they are not SSRI. Doug said “Those with ADHD, not on the meds, are wasting their lives.” Conversely, Tobias said he could approve of no mind and mood altering meds, and that ADHD drugs cause high rates of dementia, alzheimers, heart attack, stroke, drug addiction, suicide, and loss of that lifetime’s purpose which is to go beyond the mind.

    We lost all bragging rights on our integrity, standards, values, & ethics which shone so brightly, bravely, & joyfully back in the day.

    When asked why this & other Tobias deletions were happening, Geoffe told me, in all honesty, “Doug prescribes the same meds Tobias and Adamus warn us against, and Linda and Doug are buddies.”

    In great love, creating safe space, I warn, Our house is not in order, it is in distraction and diversion.

  63. Sensing or “feeling into it” has been the way I have lived for my whole life. I trust it implicitly. I can’t always put it into words (mind stuff), but I know it and act accordingly.

    So, this article had me puzzled. I sort of recalled seeing the words ‘Meta Changes – A Heavens Cross Follow-Up’, but obviously passed it by. My discernment (sensing) didn’t call me to it. I do recall it was very “neutral” feeling—like it was there. Like a stone on the pathway was there. Or a car in a parking lot was there.

    But now, you have peaked my interest, so I will revisit it. It is rather puzzling that given how Heaven’s Cross really shifted the energy in a positive way for me, that I would have passed by the Follow-up. lol.

    I’ve been listening to the Senate hearings on ‘disclosure’ and every moment of it goes through my sensing. It often makes me laugh out loud at the ludicrous nature of humans. Sometimes it makes me sad. But, it’s all about the energy now. Everything else is irrelevant. Nothing is real anymore—not that it has ever been real, but the holographic nature of the earth is much clearer now, but when I sense a threat (no matter how small) it suddenly shifts into a solidity with a speed that takes my breath away. This is such an interesting time to be on earth. The next five years are going to be WOW, on a whole new level. lol I just want to be here to experience all the mayhem that is coming. lol

  64. Elisabeth Gullberg

    Thank you Geoffrey! When I first viewed and listened to the video it sounded like a promotion that could be for almost anything. I questioned myself: To whom is this turning? I just couldn’t identify with the energy. The voice, the sender, had no connection what so ever with the receiver, us Shaumbra. I felt it within seconds and then the containt of the video became irrelevant or mot interesting to me. This has an interesting connection to AI, as comes to who is the sender and who is the receiver, I believe. Thank you for all the clarifications in this article, and for all the love and concern you and the CC team put in all these years to put all the messages and material through for us 🙏🙏🙏🙏truly thankful!! Elisabeth Gullberg

  65. I wondered why a professional had been brought in.Thank you for the up-grade.
    What a difference when soul is included in a creation.

  66. Thank you Geoffrey
    This message is a reflection of where we are at this moment. Do not look outward for that which is here now. stay here and notice how you step out. 🙏

  67. For sure, it will make a huge difference. I felt the same “irritation” about that professional but very external commercial American voice. The energy in your voice is so clear and authentic. Thanks for taking that feedback into account even if it was not so clear and difficult to read. I remember a promo of SES school (I don’t know if you still give it). Someone was reading the message of a Shaumbra who attended that school. I couldn’t hear it. Disruption between the message and the voice. Whatever, thank you for the huge quality of all the CC work. And stories shared authentically without too much mind analysis or makyo on the Shaumbra Magazine. I am so grateful for your work.

  68. Dear Geoff,
    Yes it’s the voice. It’s the authenticity and the personal connection. This is why the AI introduction to Keahak felt very creepy. It was not of Shaumbra.

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