Spotlight – 4 Masters in Munich

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  • How to go beyond the mind
  • Become power-less and energy-rich
  • Living your dreams and letting them come true
  • Walk on – into life, across the Earth, through the realms
  • Celestial graduation and tears of remembrance
  • Travel the world and celebrate life
  • It’s ALL just an act of consciousness!

In this memorable event, Shaumbra were introduced to the inimitable Madame Blavatsky who, together with Kuthumi, El Morya and St. Germain helped get the New Age movement going. 

With humor and fun, Kuthumi tells stories about Blavatsky and St. Germain, then collaborates with Yoham in a delightful and enlightening episode of “Walking on.”

Tobias speaks to Shaumbra for the first time in seven years after his departure, telling a few stories and sharing his love.

Adamus Saint-Germain opens and closes with his provocative invitation to shine our light and do what we came here to do.

A bonus session includes nearly an hour of music with Yoham along with the meeting hall filled with dancing Shaumbra.

What a celebration!

Cost: $44 $37.40
Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain, Madame Blavatsky, Kuthumi lal Singh, and Tobias
And Gerhard Fankhauser, Einat Gilboa & Amir Yakobi
Format: Streaming video, audio and online text e-reader

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