Inspiring Consciousness 

Interview with Iiro Riihimäki
Recipient of the 2023 Inspire Consciousness Award

The Inspire Consciousness Award has been presented every year since 2007 to someone who has made a big difference for consciousness around the world. This year, Iiro was very surprised to be presented with the 16th annual Inspire Consciousness Award during the June 2023 webcast for his support of Shaumbra, particularly with the Rude Awakening film. We recently caught up with him for a little chat.


IIRO: (chuckling) Who am I… I’ve been asking the same question all my life, and I still don’t have a good answer! My mind would probably say that I’m a middle-aged ex-physicist. It’s funny, because it’s 11 years since I stopped working, but I guess I didn’t create a new rigid identity after that. So, let’s say that I am a well-aged… something. 🙂

SM: Maybe you’re a new kind of physicist, you know, with the Adamus Physics?

IIRO: Yeah. For me there is only one true science and it’s the science of consciousness. Unfortunately – or maybe fortunately – it doesn’t really exist yet, because we are only now discovering/creating it. I would say that “Adamus physics” is a great seed for the coming science of consciousness, and Shaumbra are the mavericks that will help that seed to sprout and grow. One could say that we are all researchers in the field of Adamus Physics, and the only way to “study” it, is to live it. 

SM: How and when did you find Crimson Circle?

IIRO: It was maybe 2004 or a bit later when I asked my last real question – what is consciousness? Back then I thought that it’s just like any other question. Little did I know that it’s just a new version of the very first question that started the whole journey. That original question is, of course, the famous “Who am I?”  

However, my quest for the secrets of consciousness made me study day and night about everything. During my search, I got lost in many places like conspiracies, healing/health stuff and many other branches of the old “new age” movement.

Then, probably somewhere around 2013, I was again watching some new agey stuff on YouTube and “accidentally” saw a Shoud – a lot of people wearing crazy things plus some guy jumping around and sending people to the toilet. The whole thing didn’t seem to make too much sense, but I immediately felt that there was something I needed to know more about. Over the next three weeks, I listened to all the Shouds, like 16 hours per day.

SM: Wow!

IIRO: Yep. So, then I had to go to see these people – and I’m still here. During the first year or two in Crimson Circle, I met 50 to 100 people that I was so sure I have known before. I had been pretty much alone in my “studies,” and suddenly meeting so many kindred souls changed everything. 

SM: It’s such a wonderful feeling.

IIRO: Yeah, it is. And you don’t even have to talk too much because you just feel the connection. Another great thing is that these are very low-maintenance connections. Usually just few messages per year and if you meet physically, a couple of hours or days is enough. Then you just move on knowing, that whenever there is a need to catch up, it will happen without any effort and with perfect timing.

SM: You played a big part in the Rude Awakening film. What inspired you to participate in that?

IIRO: Years and years before this project, always when I came out of the movie theater, especially if it was some superhero movie, I felt that I could fly, I could do anything. And I understood it was because the movie doesn’t talk only to your mind; it engages your emotions also, bypassing the mind and delivering the message directly to your subconscious. It makes you feel something, and that’s how you remember/assimilate the information. Just as with the past, you remember the good and the bad; you don’t remember the lukewarm, basic stuff.

I often thought, “Why don’t we have more movies that actually have a good, beautiful, consciousness-expanding message, delivered not only through the dialogue, but through the full body experience – emotions, feelings, thoughts, everything?”

I’m a preacher by nature, always explaining things to people, but who can engage in a 90-minute monologue about how reality works or how to get to know yourself? But if it’s a movie, it would work. I don’t have any skills in moviemaking, but when I heard that my fellow Shaumbra were making a movie about the awakening journey, about us, I knew that I had to be part of that.

And yes, it has been a crazy journey, but now we are finalizing the much shorter, non-Shaumbra version. It will actually be almost like a new movie. So, who knows? After all the crazy stuff, in the end, there might be the happy ending after all. And let’s not forget how non-linear the true journey from the awakening towards Realization actually is. So maybe we had to go through all the confusion and complications to make the movie be truly authentic. 

SM: There are a lot of new people finding Crimson Circle right now. What would you tell someone who’s just getting started?

IIRO: I would just smile and say nothing. I feel that getting familiar with the Crimson Circle materials is a pretty self-guiding process. If you are attracted to CC, you probably already have enough Earth experiences and it’s time to bring it all back together. You may start with excitement and have an urgent need to know more. However, my guess is that most of the new ones that will be coming to CC are going to take the fast lane (unlike us old ones  ☺ ). They will “study” hard for a while before seeing that they can just relax, trust, and allow the natural process to unfold more freely. And this is, of course, possible ONLY because WE have already done all the hard work. Just kidding. Times are changing and what was very difficult just few years ago, is now becoming pretty much natural and even inevitable!  



  1. Hey Iiro! It is always great to recognize our fellow travelers. Thanks for the fun and camaraderie all over 🙂

  2. Danuse Mitchell

    Hello Iiro 🌈
    Wow , finally see you again ( at lest on the picture) and even at this honoring event…. Congrats 👍💗
    The movie is really super…. It is the best thing to share with lots of awakening souls ….
    Thanks a lot for this kind of help….
    Big Hug 🤗
    Danuska 😘

  3. Congratulations Iiro! So well deserved! I remember you coming to a Threshold here in Canada at Sparkling Hill. Your first event I believe and being impressed that you had listened to all the Shouds in the 3 months prior. Thanks for picking up the bar bill lol where you’ll always find Shaumbra! See you somewhere in time again!

  4. Hi Iiro. It was great to see you receive the award during the Shoud. I remember having a lot of conversations with you at Threshold at Sparkiling Hill. Perhaps I was the first person you met there before the event started and we talked quite a lot. You look like you are really enjoying life these days.
    Rosemarie K.

  5. Congratulations Iiro on the Inspire Consciousness Award!!! I am inspired by Adamus Metaphysics, to watch a lot of podcasts featuring quantum physicists to see what “real” physicists are saying around the subject of consciousness. One result of me watching enough of them is a judgement that much of their time is arranged around pursuit of The Nobel Prize . I think your time is better spent and your award, never pursued, represents at least an equal “benefit to humankind”!!!!

  6. You deserve that Award(ness!) fully! So glad to hear from you since a delicious meal together with Anne the dancer in Rust… I shared Rude Awakening with a new agey group and some really loved it. My ex partner was moved to tears by it… time is ripe for the short version! If it is not to late to make a suggestion, it would be great to have a little space between sequences, a few seconds to breathe and acknowledge what pearl had been said… and I hope none of Jonathan cinematics will be removed: I adored it! big hugs to you and the rude team 💪

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