Receiving it All

The other day, everything around me went to hell. Well, not everything, but a lot. A couple people in my family got into such a fight while they were out that one made the other walk home. The laundry room filled overnight with literally hundreds of flies (maybe one of those critter “toys” my cat brought in died somewhere?). Several work-related challenges came up all at once. And my ancient hot water heater died. All within 24 hours! My personal reality was fine, but people and things around me were falling apart.

It was the last day of production in Colorado as we prepared for the Light of the Merlin webcast from Hawaii. Things had gone sideways at home the night before, and now everybody seemed wound up tight at the studio too. Must’ve been something in the air! Before we started recording, I called the plumbing company and arranged for someone to come out that afternoon. Then I felt things begin to smooth out as we recorded a magnificent message from Merlin. And just as that finished up, I got the call that the plumber was on the way. 

Hurrying home, I wondered how I could possibly be in the flow and trust the crap, let alone receive all this chaos! Apparently, my soul has a sense of humor because I turned onto the highway toward home to see that the car directly in front of me was the plumber’s van. Coming from a completely different direction with 20 miles and thousands of cars in between, what are the chances? I smiled as I followed him all the way home, encouraged that maybe somehow things were still unfolding perfectly.

We arrived and went to look at the derelict water heater. The guy collected some info, took some photos, and sent the repair estimate within the hour. Still trying to receive and go with the flow, I was expecting good news. What I got was an estimate for $10,000. Oh my! That was about five times what I expected to pay, so I started shopping online. Surely, after all the other remodeling work I’ve done around here, I could manage this project myself. In the middle of looking through a zillion options, one of the kids came to talk about the fight. They were still angry and frustrated, but after a 2+ hour family meeting, things were successfully resolved. With harmony restored, I returned to the water heater issue. 

Going down to look at it again, I noticed a forgotten fuse box next to the tank. Odd. I had already checked the circuit breaker, but now I opened this “extra” box to see that – surprise! – both fuses were blown. And, lo and behold, sitting right next to them were two replacements! They must have been there since I moved in almost 15 years ago, and now their moment had come. I screwed them into the sockets, turned the power back on, and the water heater clicked to life. Happy dance of relief!

In the space of 24 hours, it was as if a pressure cooker had blown up in chaos around me, and then everything settled down again. The kids have a little more wisdom and peace with each other, work tasks are running smoothly, the laundry room is clear of flies, and – hallelujah! – the hot water is flowing.

Why am I telling you this story? Is it a tale of woe or saga of triumph? If the flow is so perfect, why does it seem so damn bumpy at times? And how the heck does one “receive” such a string of disasters? 

The fact is that literally everything is here to serve me. But how I experience that service depends on my perspective. Geoff wrote of experiencing 97% of people being good, which is very similar to my own experience. However, someone else might come up with a very different percentage, and therefore experience, of other people. It all depends on one’s chosen perspective. 

Here’s what I know about receiving: If I’m still classifying things as “wanted” and “not wanted,” I am not receiving. 

To receive, I must stop protecting, selecting, and trying to keep the wrong stuff away and make the right stuff happen. With true receiving, there’s actually nothing that is wrong; there’s only how I’m choosing to perceive and experience it. When I accept what is as it is, and receive it all without resistance, that’s when things become magical. Meeting each moment of life as it is, receiving the problems and issues and delays and synchronicities as they happen, is the secret to experiencing life’s perfection. And if I can’t see the perfection? Well, I just keep watching because it’s always there.

The key is letting go of the idea that I have to manage life and make stuff happen, whether it’s stuff I want or don’t want. When I meet life as it is, then my energy – or the universe or my soul or whatever we call it – which already knows very well what I desire, can deliver it perfectly. When little me tries to manage things from my limited perspective, it doesn’t go very well, simply because “I” just don’t have the necessary information to do a good job. 

It’s like wanting to go to town from my home in the mountains. Town is to the east. But if I insist on only going that direction, I’ll get nowhere fast. Fortunately, the map has a broader perspective and sends me west and south before turning east, and I get to town just fine. Receiving what is and trusting the flow is like turning on the map app of my soul. It knows where I want to go, the side attractions that I’ll enjoy, and the best routes to take. All I need to do is drive my car – i.e., participate in life – and trust the flow, even when there’s traffic and potholes and it looks like I’m going the wrong direction. My soul is holding the map, so I can just receive the experiences along the way, knowing it’s taking me exactly where I want to be.

When the water heater failed, I discovered that it’s about 40 years old, which is prehistoric in water heater years. Heck, the warranty expired in 1989! I’ve known for a while that it will eventually need to be replaced, so I decided to receive this whole experience as a kindly notice from my energy that “it’s time,” but without the crisis of having to go a week or two without hot water. Therefore, a new heater is scheduled to be installed in a couple days by a different plumber at a much more reasonable price. Nobody has to suffer through cold showers, I’m bringing my literal flow into this millennium, and can point to yet another example of life’s perfection. 

My recipe for that perfection? Receive everything as it is, participate as needed, and watch it unfold.


  • Jean Tinder

    As Crimson Circle’s Content Manager, Jean is fulfilling her life-long dream to shine her light in the world. On a spiritual journey since childhood, she found Crimson Circle in 2002, joined the staff in 2008 and never looked back. Her first book is called “Stories from My Last Lifetime”.



  1. I bet this article flowed right out through your flow given how applicable and real your experience was through it. I feel a sense of satisfaction! And some good solid wisdom!

  2. Thank you for this great article filled with jeanius wisdom, that came just in time for me to receive 🙂

  3. Thanks a lot for the beautiful story telling Jean. It’s like giving us an apple tree. We don’t need more than a story. No need to analyse and transform the apples in apple sauce or apple tart for us. That is just for you. We can take you beautiful story, your beautiful tree and wisdomize it in a very personal way. Personally, I prefer the crumble 🙂

  4. Got the same view on receiving…I would add, that sometimes we/I get a pretty devastating offer in the form of my energy, so awful to ruin your life to bits forever, and if I take it as that, not as “its just energy 🤣”, it doesnt work, it would finish,to get the easiness…the flow…basically, everything, everything take easy, light and it will go easy….hmmmm 🤔….interesting concept I got.

  5. Dear Jean, thank you for the flow of feeling the Master’s energies and synchronicity! Thank you for traveling together!

  6. La magia de la vida: RECIBIR TODO, SIN RESTRICCIONES.
    Resultado: LO QUE ES MEJOR PARA MI


    1. The last week I replaced my old washing machine, freezer and refrigrator, because I knew they could break down any minute. Then my car suddenly needed service, my dishwasher failed and my new washingmachine doesnt work. I lost the Key to my El bicycle, and the Key to the shed in my garden where I keep all the tools needed. My glasses was lost, but found after a week. All happened last week , and I am not at all stressed or have much on my mind., so something else is going on. Cant wait to see how this will turn out in the end.

  7. Something similar has just happened to me. My trusty old microwave died (or so I thought) just before I could heat my porridge. Let’s just say, I get a little cranky when I’m hungry! It turned out the fuse to that part of the kitchen had blown, which I was able to reset. My thoughts this morning were that it needs replacing and I now have more time to do just that. Your article helped me to consolidate my reflections on my experience. Many thanks.

  8. Thanks Jean for this article ❤️
    “Receiving” since hurricane Idalia here….
    12 hours power outage in Florida heat ( air conditioning, refrigerator and else shut down😯quite uncomfortable )
    but not flooding in my house 👍🌈
    ( lots of houses around flooded…. 🥲)

  9. Thank you Jean. Your beautiful stories are always the reminder I need in the now! Succinctly profound and very well written.

  10. Thank you for your your wisdom, dear Jean! I always like how you meld the wisdom of your soul with the practical human life. In fact, that’s what the new life we want is all about.

  11. Thank you Jean, came to a house/catsit a few days ago and everything was either broken or breaking. Shocked, unbelieving at first, unlike any I have previously done. It was funny, and sad at different times, there were many levels of wisdom also. I made my discontent clear without blame. A story emerged. Some things have been fixed and; some not. For the most part precious human allows and like you I came to ‘BEAUTY’ acceptance, gratitude, compassion, oh and love for All I Am in this and past experience. Opens deeper self respect, connection and authenticity. I sit here human in my energy that is singing a song in reminder of my existence; irrespective of the stage, because truly, ha ha ha, I feel, I receive ….yes I Am Light in my reality. And I dance. Yes, allowing the flow, wow, rocky at times!

  12. Amen
    It’s an amazing experience.
    We seem to be becoming more and more the masters of simple
    ” recipe for that perfection ? Receive everything as it is, participate as needed, and watch it unfold ”
    It’s a matter of courage
    I think it’s possible for all of us if we trust ourselves
    Jean, With gratitude and blessings ~

  13. Dear Jean
    Your story just helped me a lot! I wanted to take something into my own hands, almost by hook or by crook, and it didn’t really feel right 😉 There was this quiet voice, what it would be like to let go of the wheel. It could be that the “forced” result would not be good for me at all. This feeling was taking root, but the ego would have liked to have the other option. And with your story I now know what I am doing! I let go and receive what is there. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  14. Все, что мне нужно делать, это водить машину – т. е. участвовать в жизни – и доверять течению, даже когда есть пробки и выбоины и кажется, что я еду не в ту сторону. Моя душа держит карту, поэтому я могу просто получать опыт по пути, зная, что он ведет меня именно туда, куда я хочу быть.
    “Вот и я так думаю, дорогая Джин…”

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