The Master’s Life, Part 3: Embodiment

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  • Three foundations of enlightenment
  • Technology body vs. light body
  • Releasing ancestral issues & nature
  • Rebalancing the body, opening the senses
  • Welcoming the light body
  • The purpose and illusion of death
Moving to the next level…

If shining our light is why we’re here, embodied enlightenment is why we stay. It’s not the easiest choice, but it’s certainly the most rewarding. 

In Master’s Life 3: Embodiment, Adamus talks about some of the dynamics of living as an embodied Master. These include the importance of releasing ancestral ties and issues, what happens as our DNA undergoes this tremendous change, and dormant senses that begin to awaken. 

In discovering how “the Master enters the temple with no effort,” we learn to apply this principle to all aspects of life and creation. Adamus says that the core of embodiment is allowing the light to merge and meld with our biology. There are several deep merabhs to specifically support this process, accompanied by the beautiful music of Yoham.

Length: 11 sessions
Format: Streaming audio, video, and text e-reader
Access: 90 days from date of registration
Cost: $295 $250.75 (through September 30)
50% discount for previous attendees
Languages: Text translations in 13 languages!

Bonus: Includes download access to an “audio tool” from Session 2

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