The 3% Bad Apple Rule

By Geoffrey Hoppe

I live by the 3% Bad Apple Rule. It’s my own rule, not backed by scientific studies or sociological research. Some might consider me to be naïve, but it works for me, and it beats the alternative of the 25% or 50% Bad Apple Rule. 

I believe that less than 3% of humans are bad apples. The other 97% have some bruises and blemishes, and maybe a worm hole or two, but at their core they are good people with seeds of divinity ready to blossom at any moment. You might be chuckling at me right now about wearing apple-colored glasses but my real-life experiences over the past 68 years leads me to believe that the vast majority of humans have true goodness in their hearts. 

That doesn’t make me want to befriend everyone I meet. There are not many people I’d want to be stranded with on a remote island for more than a day or two. My issue with some people is that they are self-limiting and unaware, or self-absorbed in the boorish way, but that doesn’t make them Bad Apples. Some of them are just unripened apples. 

I don’t believe the world is falling part or that humans are inherently corrupt. Yet less than 3% of the Bad Apples capture our attention, oftentimes leading us to the conclusion that the whole barrel of apples has gone bad. Less than 3% of people ever shoplift from stores, yet many retailers devote huge amounts of resources to this problem rather than creating an exceptional shopping experience for the other 97% of us. Less than 3% of white-collar workers commit wrong-doings against the companies they work for. If I was to walk down a city street in the dark of night I’d only have to be wary of 3% of the people I come across. Less than 3% of humans intentionally harm others in a physical way. Less than 3% have little regard for human life, whether it’s their own or others. These aren’t necessarily certified facts, but it’s what I’ve experienced and encountered over the years. People are overwhelmingly good, and some are truly great. 

Most humans mean well, and try to do the right thing. Most people genuinely care about others. Over 90% of people fall in love with someone at some point in their life. Given a choice between getting slapped in the face or having a complete stranger get slapped in the face, the majority of people would take the hit themselves rather than see someone else get hurt. Most people reach out to say something nice to others rather than spout off a criticism. Sure, there’s always someone with a pushy attitude or unkind word, but those apples are far and few  between. Most people like helping other people. This is what I choose to believe, therefore it’s what I experience in my life. 

Conversely, about 97% of us do stupid things at times. Who hasn’t gotten a speeding ticket, or emotionally hurt another person (with or without intent), or told a few lies (or lots of lies), or gossiped about others with malicious intent, or been vindictive or jealous? Who hasn’t cursed out someone in a fit of rage? I’m sure many of us Shaumbra have cast a few nefarious spells on our foes in past lifetimes, or even in this lifetime. Every time I see a frog I wonder if it’s actually someone I be-spelled in another lifetime. The fact is, we all have done some less-than-honorable things in our lifetimes but that doesn’t make us Bad Apples. The ratio of good-to-dumb experiences for most people is arguably 88% to 12%. This means that on any given day I do about 2.4 dumbass things, although I may be just flattering myself here. 

We all make mistakes but that doesn’t mean we’re Bad Apples. 

What I’ve seen is that most humans are not bad and very few are truly evil. Instead, I observe many that are hopeless, something Adamus has mentioned in recent Shouds and Keahak. It became more and more evident to me during the COVID era. It’s interesting to note that there was a surge of interest in books and classes in the self-help, spiritual/religious and philosophy categories during the depths of COVID. People were looking for answers. They were also looking for leadership, inspiration and comfort during this time but according to what I observed, they weren’t finding many answers outside themselves. 

Far too many people are confused and lost right now. As the population grows larger and technology pushes everything faster, we’re seeing a rapid rise in mental health issues. Eventually, mental imbalance also creates physical imbalance, so more and more people are experiencing health issues, which further exacerbates the feeling of being lost and confused. When I’m out in public at stores or airports or even just driving around town, I see in the eyes of some people that they are just downright scared and/or desperate. This is an awful way to feel and live, and it’s one reason why the suicide rate is increasing around the globe. In spite of their fear and desperation, only 3% externalize their feelings by deliberately harming others, choosing instead to inflict physical or emotional damage on themselves. That can manifest in things like cutting (deliberately injuring one’s body with knives or razors), eating disorders, alcohol abuse or other addictions. This doesn’t make them bad people, just very sad people that are looking for answers.

I’m tired of people saying the world is falling apart. Some public media and social media sources prey on this perspective, constantly promoting doom and gloom scenarios with their drama-laden shows and podcasts. They point their cameras and microphones towards the 3% of the bad apples and help create the illusion that humanity is just a pack of rotten, worm-infested apples. Many churches have done the same thing for ages, constantly reminding us of our flawed nature as sinners, going all the way back up the ancestral tree to Adam and Eve… from the moment Eve took the bite out of the frickin’ apple. It’s now expected of us to do bad things so we have to go to church on Sunday to hear more about our sins.

Growing up in a Catholic household, I remember going to confession every few months. I struggled to think of any bad things I had done, but apparently the priests figured I was a sinner and they certainly expected to hear a good story when I entered the confessional box. I usually remembered a few bad things, but the priests wanted more because they felt that all 10-year old boys were little demons by nature. I felt like a sinner for not having sinned enough so I finally made up a list that I used every time I knelt in the confessional box. I lied five times, I stole five times, I cussed five times, and I disobeyed my parents five times. It was expected that I was a sinner, so I gave the priest what he wanted: Dirt. Little did he know that my biggest sin was lying to him in order to fulfill his expectations. The point is, even our supposedly sacred religious institutions believe we are bad. Their entire marketing campaign over the last two thousand years or more is based on the Bad Apple premise. With enough prayer and donations, we can be transformed from Bad Apples into Apple Sauce. 

Adamus has said it on more than a few occasions: In all of creation, there are no greater beings than human beings.  It’s interesting to note that I used his quote in a recent interview I did on Alex Ferrari’s Next Level Soul podcast (watch interview). It drew more challenging comments than just about any other topic I discussed. Some viewers took direct offense with this statement, noting that the Pleiadians and Zetas and other aliens are far more advanced than humans. I’ll believe it when I see it, but I just haven’t had enough tangible evidence that they are better than humans, or that they actually exist. For some strange reason, people actually want to believe there are greater, more advanced beings rather than take responsibility for our own divine light. They are sure that humans are bad. (Side note: Adamus said that when we meet these advanced cosmic beings they are just ourselves from the future, and they will remind us of the greatness and goodness within us right now.)

Our Light

We’re here for the simple job of letting our light shine to the world, therefore enabling others to become aware of their higher potentials. We’re not up against insurmountable odds; Ninety-seven percent of humans are basically good, decent people. They just need a little light to help guide them in the direction of their own soul. They just want some hope and clarity amidst a lot of confusion and energy noise. We are not trying to overcome organized evil (if there is such a thing), government conspiracies, the 12 families that supposedly control the world, Chem-Trails, Big Pharma, or Flat Earthers. Let someone else take them on. We’re here to shine our consciousness to the 97% of the good apples that will flourish and grow in the light. This is how the world changes. This is what we’re here for.

* The Fine Print: Most of the statistics in this article are based only on my perspective reality, unless otherwise noted. Ultimately, it’s all about perspectives. 


  • Geoffrey Hoppe

    Geoffrey Hoppe founded the Crimson Circle in 1999 after a series of conversations with the angelic being known as Tobias. He left the corporate world in 2001 to devote his full time to the Crimson Circle, along with his wife Linda. Geoff channeled Tobias until 2009 when Tobias returned to earth in a new incarnation known as Sam. Tobias handed off his guidance role with the Crimson Circle to Adamus Saint-Germain, a facet of the Beloved St. Germain who has been working with humans for hundreds of years. Geoff has been the messenger of Adamus Saint-Germain ever since.


48 thoughts on “THE 3% BAD APPLE RULE”

  1. My heart aches a bit at the exclusion of 3%! I have aspects from this 3% and have met them, integrated them, and love them deeply – beyond beyond beyond. If anyone feels drawn to learn their stories, I pulled a couple chapters from a book I’ve written, called “Heart: The Path of Multidimensional Mastery.” The stories may be slightly confusing extracted from the full narrative, but I think the energy of allowance and integration is still there. We are portals to our other selves and can safely allow even most terrifying through.

    1. My thoughts on this is that the figure of 3% could potentially be a lot lower. If we are talking pure evil and with no chance of rebillatation then my opinion is 0.1%, in other words 1 in every 1000. Ra tells us that to be considered ‘service to self’ then the subject must be 95% or higher, for acceptance to walk the negative path and 51% or higher to walk the positive path of ‘service to others’. So that leaves a massive 45% of people in a state of limbo situation. These people are easily recognised as the selfish and egotistical that have learnt nothing during their lifetime. My belief in humanity is 100% as it’s been since I was a teenager. I believe one day we will all act as one. Unity is not just a dream, but a reality. It’s all a matter of time.
      Thank you.

    2. Naya dos Santos Cruz

      I absolutely agree with that. recently I got tired of being an arrogant master, I felt that I was a prisoner of the new adamus division into masters and other people the worse ones. I’ve always loved people and I’ve always met these healthy apples when traveling the world without an agenda. I missed this. I realized recently that other people are me, so I couldn’t segregate them and judge them as inferior. every man is a god too. I am neither better nor worse than anyone else. meeting people is looking at each other. you can’t be in life dividing into better and worse. sometimes i’m shitty and sometimes i shine like every even ignorant person. great article. being human is a role in the theater and a person will remain an actor. will not be superhuman. man realizes that he is on the stage of his own consciousness. this is realization

    3. Dear Whitney, I read your comments and followed the link. Yes, I sense I must have been done something so ‘ugly’ in previous lifetimes, that I don’t want to remember or am not able to face. However, I do not consider myself ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ and I have a deep trust that NO human is evil, only unconscious.
      If possible, I would read more of your magical book.

  2. Алевтина

    Абсолютно Согласна!!!
    Когда я прочла книгу Булгакова “Мастер и Маргарита”, мне запали в душу две вещи.
    Это ответ Иешуа Понтию Пилату на вопрос: Почему ты предателя называешь добрым человеком? Иешуа ему сказал:
    Все люди Добрые.
    А вторая вещь, это то, что реальность можно менять мгновенно, позволяя себе все, что угодно.
    Благодарю тебя, Джеффри за эту статью, именно её я проживала последние дни, собирая каждый день зреющие яблоки в своём саду, и да, они с червоточинами, но вкусные и сладкие, а я делаю из прекрасные цукаты!!!!!
    Все люди Добрые, ибо они имеют прекрасный свет души!!!!

  3. Interesting view Geoff, I guess that 3% depends on where you live. The numbers are likely higher for those who don’t live a wealthy lifestyle ( large homes in a gated community, on lots of land, own multiple homes, and run a successful business). Either way, as more people continue to discover their own light and we all shine on we are able to influence those people to leave that darkness behind.

    On the other subject you pointed out. I have been reading a channeled book. It’s questions and channeled answers of the history of Earth and the human race. In the book, Humans get a lot of credit for being more resilient and better problem solvers than all of the Beings in the Universe. So even if the other races are more advanced they cannot survive on this planet more than a day. Earth is viewed as very dense and hostile (air, weather patters, we have to grow our food, the way we travel, the way we live, etc). Those of us living on this planet are viewed in awe as to how we are even able to survive.

    According to book, Earth is extremely special. If you take all the problems to one location and a race of beings to resolve them you get….Earth (the only planet in the entire Universe where all the problems of the entire Universe are being resolved). This is the only planet in the entire Universe that has a polarity (positive and negative). Therefore the Prime Creator allowed all the problems to be brought here. That is one major reason why things look like it’s all gone mad and like chaos is happening all over. Everything that is happening on Earth is happening somewhere in the Universe.

    Humans are resilient capable creators who resolve problems. From the simplest things (ex: creating meals to eat) to the massive complex things (ex: going into space). Those of us who made it to being in physical bodies were chosen. We got the golden ticket to be here. We are unique. As creators we take materials sourced on this planet then turn them into something useable. We may not be considered more advanced yet but we know how to make things work (or work eventually). Go Team Humanity!!

    1. Sandra,
      Your reply made me laugh. You talk as if the 3% are there because they don’t live in gated communities, have lots of land and business. When I hear “gated communities” I think, ‘ wow, who wants to live in a prison!’. What are people afraid of that live in gated communities? The poorest people that I know are also the most generous with what little they have and with helping each other. If that makes them in the 3%, than it is obvious I have an unusual attitude because I would put them at the top, not the bottom.

  4. Thank you..!
    ✨For always creating a Masterpiece with your written words, Mr. Geoffrey. Although, reading your article brings tears flowing from my eyes, it simultaneously creates joy in my heart. So please do continue filling out hearts with laughter…From My Heart to Yours..✨

  5. This is such a thought-provoking article! Thank you Geoff.
    For starters it gets me thinking: what will the world be like when we finally let go of the old perspective that being human (“only human”) means that we are inherently flawed, or broken. My soul is telling me, this is just a perspective – a perspective that was part of the exploration we’ve been on over these past millenia, and one that is past its “best by date”.

    I’m looking forward to the time when all humans can see themselves from the broader perspective that we are all angelic beings who have come here to push the boundaries of reality. To really explore the nature of creation and reality. And that puts us at the “leading edge”.

    My other response to reading Geoff’s words – maybe I’m super-naive! – is that when we look at the BIG picture, there are no truly bad apples. Even the ones we see doing truly evil things in this 3D reality are playing out a role that has a wider energetic impact. Whether they are helping to bring old energies to the surface so that we can collectively clear them. Or helping to “wake people up” to what they don’t prefer, so those people will start more actively choosing what they do prefer. Or helping bring old karma to the surface, to give people the opportunity to release it.

    I guess my starting point is that every souled being is angelic, and that part of our shared purpose of understanding the interplay between consciousness and energy. So even though their actions on one level appear unequivocally “bad” … they are still playing a role in the grander cosmic “play”. As Adamus says “it’s all just energy” it’s all our energy – and as such we have the ability to transmute it.

    Then again, maybe I’m simply biased because some of my past life aspects … let’s just say some of them had very colorful and somewhat muddy (even bloody) rap sheets.

    1. That was just my thought reading the article: ‘… when we look at the BIG picture, there are no truly bad apples. Even the ones we see doing truly evil things in this 3D reality are playing out a role that has a wider energetic impact….’
      Thank you for describing it so good. – In fact I have never really understood this “good” and “bad/evil” thing (In this lifetime..!)

  6. Lucy Larcom Poet from Beverly, Ma 1850’s or so

    If an apple blossom or a ripe apple could tell its own story, it would be, still more than its own, the story of the sunshine that smiled upon it, of the winds that whispered to it, of the birds that sang around it, of the storms that visited it, and of the motherly tree that held it and fed it until its petals were unfolded and its form developed.
    Lucy Larcom

  7. Nicoleta Diaconu

    In my perspective, I start from the premise of free will.
    In the journey of self-discovery, each Soul can experience the entire rainbow of energy!
    They are just experiences, fat stories, which at the right time will integrate into wisdom!
    But, yes, as a playground, for experimentation, the Earth is Unique!

  8. … and – taking it further still – each and every human, at his/her core, is divine. But I understand what you’re saying. From my own human experience I agree with the 3%, on challenging days the number might be higher ;-).
    PS: You only went to confession every few months?!? We had to go at least once a month. Back in the 1960ies, what nowadays is everyday language, was considered bad words. So that one was easy. I could never figure out though what impure thoughts were supposed to be – LOL.

  9. Bianca Barbara Boneberger

    Dear Geoffrey,
    The Sinner-part is one aspect of the catholic church and it had been a tough one. To see why it was created in the Origin may help understand. It has been created for releasing guilt and shame if needed and having Someone to go to in Person yet in an anonymos state, like a bridging intermediatery.
    In this originally intended way the ones using this service could easy let Go of Something hurtful.

    Another sentence popped in while Reading your article…
    Humanity is the crown of Creation.
    This had also been taught in catholic church.
    Perhaps we can also remember the real good stuff and the teachings that uplifted us, gave us hope and selfconvidence of beeing children of the Most-high.
    We can stand firm in our roots and shine the light by remembering the Origins even of catholic church or Others.

    Thank you so much for your article and putting together what we experienced in childhood…
    With Love and Blessings

  10. Recent studies are showing that the profession with the highest % of psychopaths are CEOs. A higher % than prisoners in jails and prisons. The 3% are running the world. Increasingly they are not only the politicians but the CEOs of Banks, Wall Street, hospitals, Big Pharma, and the multitude of corporations.

  11. Franziska Eulberg

    Auch katholisch “erzogen” wie Du Geoffrey, ich hab herzlich über Deine Beicht-Beschreibung gelacht. ich habe es als Kind ganz genauso gemacht und fand, dass ich überhaupt nicht gesündigt hatte. Für Kinder ist die Beichte eine äußerst alberne unnötige Angelegenheit. Heute komme ich ohne Kirche wunderbar zurecht. Deine 3% – 97 % Ansicht finde ich ermutigend. Vielen Dank für Alles. Franziska

  12. First Adamus wanted to kill me. Then he wanted to kiss me. Now he wants to diss me, but I AM still in the House! Even when standing outside. What’s up Now, St. G.

  13. I AM like herpes up in this b*tch. You’ll never really get rid of me! For better or worse, Adamus.😁 Much Love Shaumbra

  14. I feel it’s time for Shaumbra magazine to share a bigger perspective. We are part of the 97% of good apples looking for more consciousness, and I want to shine within this 97%. This can create a positive ripple effect and everything else will fall into place.

  15. This article reminds me of my first live Tobias channel at the church in Denver. October 2001 was the Shoud after the horrible 9 11 event in the US. The guests that were on stage with Tobias were the pilots who crashed into the twin towers and I believe everyone in the audience was appalled. Tobias explained very well the bigger picture of that event and he changed my perspective on the bad apples. I recommend listening to that shoud.

  16. Beautifull article Geoff! I belive I am in the 3% team too, and I will always be. I share the same experience as a child being catholic. And it feels great to be free of those times and belief sistems.
    Let´s keep shining our light.

  17. Great article Geoff, and I think, very well timed. I share your perspective; and see it as linking with ‘we create our own reality’. There is a lovely 3% story that I came across many years ago (so am hazy on the details). This is the story – took place sometime around 1930s: A young English woman (a well known author whose name I cannot recall) was living in Marseilles, a port in southern France. Marseilles has always had the reputation for being a tough, scary city, full of gangsters etc. Anyway, this young woman had spent the day on the hillsides around the city collecting wild flowers. It was evening when she was returning to the city, entering it via a very rough area. As she walked along the deserted street, two 3%-looking men approached her, stood in front of her and asked if she was not afraid to be there? She looked them in the eye and said “Well, I was a bit afraid until you two gentlemen turned up. Will you please escort me out of the area?” And they did just that, waving her goodbye and wishing her well.
    The lesson in this story has stayed with me ever since. Love to my Shaumbra family.

  18. Thanks, I needed this. For quite a while my thoughts on the nature of the majority of humanity was that MOST of humanity has lost their minds. It is truly a matter of perspective.

  19. I completely agree. Most people are basically good and do not so good things every once in a while. Media is a big spreader of the perception, so I subscribe to The Progress Network whose tagline is “What Could Go Right?”. They email a weekly newsletter containing one lead article and link to 50 or so other articles they’ve identified where good things are happening. People are doing good stuff. I look forward to that newsletter, unlike the news.

  20. Dear Geoffrey,

    thank you for your “thought”ful article, which I enjoyed – as I always do! But this time I agree and disagree 😉
    I do agree that the vast majority of people is good at heart and there´s only a small percentage that predominantely live/probe their “villain” expressions (facets) and experiences, often manifested as misuse of power and sexual energies. I also understand that we should not focus on them. But, where I got confused and I ask if I got it right what you wanted to express, do you suggest we should shine our light only on the 97% of the good people? Shouldn´t we shine our light indiscrimately, undirected?! On all and everything, on all that is, including the “bad” people? I am convinced that our light also impacts them, helping to perceive other potentials which they could choose – or not.

    Thanks for clarification and apologies in advance if I misinterpreted it, I´m not a native English speaker.

    Blessings 🙂

  21. Cuando yo tenia unos 8 años, casi deje de confesarle al cura lo que él quería oír. Yo le decía sin palabras: yo soy más lista que tu, se que me necesitas para estar en la iglesia, pero yo soy buena. Aunque veo que la gente a mi alrededor parece extraña porque no se da cuenta de las mentiras que dices y yo si. Voy a venir a la iglesia a ver cómo mientes, no a escuchar y creer lo que dices. Es raro que nadie vea en el cura lo que yo veo, pero yo estoy en lo cierto. Y que lo sepas! No necesito que le hables a Dios de mi, ya hablo yo con el, sin ti!!!!. Eso le decía yo al cura sin palabras. 😂😂😂😂😂😂. Muchas gracias por tu artículo, a mi la estadística me sale parecida a ti.

    1. Dear Geoffrey, Inshare your perspective and appreciate your excellent execution of this in the CC Magazine. I admire your work in every aspect of your being and am grateful I have opportunity to listen to all your “ ASPECTS”.

  22. Well, me old fruits, whether apples,oranges, strawberries,figs, the only thing I can be sure of, is my own light, and the changes that come from radiating that light. And “out there” remains a good guide to my er, progress.
    And how very blessed to have the wisdom from the professor at this pivotal time, when life is def swinging off the beams, with all this gravitational change. Thank you. Great article, from Geoff. x

  23. As we are embraced by spirit and interact with our current humanness, what a truthful depiction of purpose you shared with us! I am reminded that when I am me, it is the best intention that I have to offer to you. The Crimson Circle work, along with numerous others on the planet, are a testament that our Race is ascending into a space where those that are suffering can find serenity in this reality. Thank you for your service 🫶

  24. hello jeff and shaumbra! the sixth month has gone….. the worst carrots and promises of profound changes in Shaumbra’s life are hard to imagine)))! charlotte and scoundrel Adamus, promising CHANGE, shamelessly deceiving the hopes of Shaumbra and taking a lot of money for supposedly promoted videos!!!! just a shameless lie under the guise of help in Awareness!!! and Shaumbra is still there………..

  25. Bad apples, those who are to choose negative polarity/ dark side to improve, to raise, to evolve. Unfortunately we have had to live mixed with them heterogeneous on that planet earth while evolving our way until the end of apocalypse. Those heaven and hell which nobody could explain are simply planets which will separately go on to raise/evolution separated from negative polarities in a homogeneous realm as light followers calling as heaven while negatives would go on in a homogeneous realm as called hell from then on.

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