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Thank you for inspiring consciousness around the planet! 

The CC Magazine Team

* Notes about Marc’s cover art process:
When I create artwork in AI, I usually feel into the energies, connect with it and then with the help of AI bring it into this reality. For this month’s cover, I also used “Shaumbra” in the prompt (command for AI) instead of “human” or “person”. I create many different variations and versions for the selection process. Together with Geoff and Jean, a cover is selected.

Founder: Geoffrey Hoppe 

Co–Founder: Linda Benyo Hoppe

Editor: Jean Tinder

Art Director: Marc Ritter

Full-time Staff 
Virgilia “Vili” Aguirre
Alfredo Barranco
Alain Bolea
Bonnie Capelle
Seissa Cuartas
Julio Cesar García
Juan Carlos Juárez
Alberto Lunagómez
Michelle MacHale
Cristian Mendoza
Jorge Merino
Carolina Oquendo
Peter Orlando
Iván Parra
Pavel Ramírez
Victor Rodríguez
Steve Salins
Juan Luis Santamaría
Jean Tinder
Arnold Tovar

Crimson Circle Energy Co.
PO Box 7394
Golden, CO 80403 USA
Crimson Circle IP, Inc.


12 thoughts on “WELCOME”

  1. These AI – generated, so called – images of humans (really?!), faces.. are just horrible! Just f**ng horrible! It is a diminishing of a Human BEing, the persona, this sacred vehicle of a body-mind-soul-facets… STOP doing that! Where is your compassion and dignity, CC-staff?! Are you really that lost in this AI madness?! And Marc Ritter? Don’t be so proud of yourself. It’s a childplay.

    1. Around the end of the month I start checking my email for the Shaumbra magazine. Not because I like every detail of it. I check it to tune in with Shaumbra around the word. What is moving us, what happened, where are we at.
      Thank you Crimson Circle, the entire team and Marc, for bringing this edition and giving me another opportunity to resonate.

      Does the comment of Geraldine offend me? Yes. Should a master be offended? In this case yes. There are respectful ways to give your opinion.

      Kind regards and best wishes to all of you,


    2. Lol. If this was my reaction to the AI images, I would be asking my soul to show me what I am reacting so strongly to. As many, including Adamas, point out, strong negative emotions only attract more of the same. I know that the very thing I resist makes it persist in my life… and thank you my soul for pointing that out to me. Also, I know that truly healthy human beings (or anything, for that matter) are never so insecure that they would feel offended or that they need defending. Truly healthy human beings give without need for return. Relax. Take a deep breath. Nothing needs fixing. ❤️

  2. Awesome! Before I read how Mark created the cover, I immediately said to myself (at seeing the face) “That’s weird, CC is using an actual Shaumbra this month”. I recognized her as very familiar but not quite the one or two people that came to mind. So yes, a great composite energy!

  3. I LOVE it ! At first glance, two words popped in my mind: “Shaumbra” and “Marc”. Then I saw your comment… I started to play with Midjourney, the images that I created really responded to my wishes and they kinda look like me. AI does indeed react to our consciousness.

  4. hilde van branden

    And have you seen the other AI pictures in this magazine? They are so distinguished!
    Such a de-LIGHT to look at these Masters!

  5. Oh, so great! I looked at the cover and first thought AI yes, but how on earth this person somehow looks like me when I look in to her eyes and even have same wrinkles and facial expression. Then understood it is all of us! Super ❤️

  6. I’m particularly pleased with this month’s and last month’s images because they are, I feel, more diverse. I love a quintessentially beautiful lady, with a streamlined body but I also see beauty in this lady’s face (she doesn’t manage to draw me in with her eyes though…interesting) and it’s good to see a fella for a change. I had no idea they were AI but could see they were not ‘quite’ natural.

  7. I finally got a chance to read the magazine, over a week after I received the email. In the business of my daily agenda, I had to spend 10 minutes first to meet her gaze, before I dived into the magazine. I breathed with her. AI or not AI, I have found many artificial parts in being a human. I saw me in her: compassion, calm, kind, determined, fierce, unapologetic, and present.
    I am speechless. Well done Marc!

  8. Thank you for this interesting article! It essentially answers my question about the current psycho-social reality in the face of technological advancement. I agree with the conclusion that reminds us of our own responsibility to consciously shine our divine light. As others mention, we are all mirrors of consciousness and portals of our own reflections.

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