21 realizations

NEW & FREE! Wisdom from the Masters

During the recent Light of the Merlin event, Geoff and Linda shared for the first time ever, 21 Shaumbra Realizations. Distilled from nearly 25 years of inspired messages from Tobias, Adamus, and Kuthumi, these principles provide a comprehensive framework for understanding the journey from awakening to enlightenment. 

Covering the metaphysics of life from pure consciousness to physical creation, from your beginning to your ascension, victimhood to healing, suffering to mastery, from the search for meaning to ultimate freedom, these 21 truths encompass the foundations of physical and nonphysical reality.

This very special release will also be available as a physical printed book!
Watch the November Shoud, CC store, and Crimson Circle on Facebook for the announcement!


  • You are consciousness embodied
  • Life is purely for experience
  • Your energy is constantly serving you
  • Healing and integration are inevitable
  • Realization and ultimate freedom are natural
  • You are already on your way Home

Format: Downloadable video and pdf
Cost: FREE
Compiled by: Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe
and Crimson Circle staff 

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