Learning to Distill

By Geoffrey Hoppe

I’m a Fermenter by nature, not a Distiller. I prefer wine to whiskey. When confronted with a challenge, I like to think it over for a while, letting my mental sugars and yeasts go to work, before making a decision. Fermenting, whether for food, drink or in life, seems so much more natural versus the fire of distilling.  

Adamus is a Distiller. I assume that goes with his past life background as an alchemist – just add a massive dose of heat to change the perception of reality. He has long talked about distilling our communications in order to be succinct and clear. When I first started channeling Adamus he wagged his finger at me for using too many words to translate his thought packets. Like me, Tobias was a Fermenter and enjoyed his wine. For Adamus, I had to quickly learn to distill 1000 words into 100. This was not an easy task for a Fermenter.

In workshops and Shouds, Adamus will present a question to the audience and ask them to answer in 10 words or less. Most of the time the answers approach 50 words before Adamus interrupts and reminds them they have but 10 words for the answer, and even so they generally go 15 – 20 words long. Distilling is an art form mastered by few.

According to Adamus, our souls distill our life experiences into wisdom. I think mine ferments because it sure seems to take its sweet time for the wisdom portion. But I get the point. When we’re ready to release our experiences out of the gravitational orbit of our lives, the soul will take the juice of our experiences and turn it into celestial brandy. Brandy is made from distilled wine, further leading to my confusion between fermenting and distilling. Why take perfectly good grapes, turn them into wine, and then make brandy from it? Yeshua turned water into wine, not brandy. Whatever. 

Adamus came to me at the beginning of the year with a request that the Crimson Circle team take the wealth of information from the Shaumbra library, dating back to 1999, and distill it into a few dozen palatable points. This was shortly before my interview with Alex Ferrari on the Next Level Soul program on January 31. I didn’t see the connection at the time. Since then, over 440,000 people have viewed the interview, and another 313,000 have watched Alex’s interview with Adamus from late March. In other words, over three-quarters of a million people have been touched by the messages. Quite a few have taken a deeper dive into the Shaumbra materials through the website. The new ones are not only watching Shouds and taking online classes, but we’ve seen more and more showing up for the live workshops and in-person Shouds. With all the new ones coming in, Adamus knew we needed a distilled version of the core wisdom to share with them. 

Now the task was upon us: Come up with a few dozen key points that would represent Shaumbra’s journey over the years. The project was initially called “20 Tenets” but in the end it was changed to “21 Shaumbra Realizations.” Twenty-one seemed like a better number, and quite frankly we had a hard time counting to 20. It was imperative to include the word Shaumbra because these all originated from Shaumbra Masters on the planet. Even though they were channeled by Tobias or Adamus, Shaumbra deserves the credit because they lived and experienced them. We chose the word “Realizations” over Tenets or Truths or Maxims because that’s exactly what they are. 

Distilling Round 1: The staff compiled hundreds of gems over a period of a few months. Finally, it came down to our first round of distilling. We had to whittle the list down to just 50. It was an excruciating task because every morsel was too tasty to spit out. We thought of ways around the challenge, such as having a primary list of 20 Realizations and a secondary list of a few thousand. I could feel Adamus’ finger starting to wag so we continued the difficult task of pruning our Tree of Enlightenment. 

Round 2: After a lot of blood, sweat and tears, we had it down to about 50 masterly concepts. Going into Round 2 made Round 1 seem like child’s play. We tried cheating our way into the distillation process by combining two or three tenets into one but Adamus saw right through it, and I once again saw his wagging finger. Round 2 took over two months during which time the staff lobbied for their favorites and kept asking why it was so important to reduce the list to 20. What about 33? That’s a nice master number so it would sound cool to have 33, right? Wrong. Adamus reminded me of what happen to Yeshua when he was 33. I got the point, loud and clear. 

We finally got the list down to 20 Realizations but after everything was agreed upon and approved, we found that we couldn’t properly count to 20. We actually had 21 on the final list. Adamus rolled his eyeballs but let it slide. I heard Kuthumi laughing his ass off in the background.

Round 3: We were exhausted from the distillation process but we still had a long way to go. Linda and I presented the 21 Shaumbra Realizations at the Light of the Merlin event in September, but now we had to write the brief descriptions to go with each Realization. Adamus said to keep it to 3 – 4 short sentences, or about 50 – 60 words. Jean Tinder, Vili Aguirre and I all labored away with the arduous task of writing and editing the descriptions. This proved to be even more challenging than Round 1 or 2. How can you possibly explain that energy is all yours, or that gravity can work in reverse, or that you have issues because you’re still getting something from them, in just a few sentences? These are massive concepts; each deserves a book of its own. The Delete button on my laptop became my companion during this process as I wrote, edited, deleted. Then deleted more. And more. I realized that distilling can be a form of torture. We finally finished the descriptive text for each Realization in early October. 

Round 4: It was a relief to have the descriptions done. Now it was time to start formatting the 21 Shaumbra Realizations into a booklet and ultimately a video. I enjoy doing the graphic design work for many of the Crimson Circle projects. It’s like basket weaving for me, a welcome relief and creative break from the stress of managing the business end of things. I thought I’d knock out the graphics in a day, but I was sadly mistaken. I had to find images to accompany 21 metaphysical concepts, none that easily lent themselves to graphic interpretation. How do you depict something like “You are Your Own Oneness” or “Everything in Your Reality is Your Energy” in an image? It took hours to find graphic concepts for each Realization, and more time and internal debate to narrow it down to just one. The graphics had to have a similar feel to them; I couldn’t use a cartoon for one and a realistic photo for another. The graphics had to flow from page to page.

Next: I finished the booklet late last week. Even though the booklet itself is small – just 24 pages including the front and back cover – it was one of the biggest and most challenging projects we undertook in a long time. It felt good to have it done. Next, it was time to start putting this into video form to offer it on platforms like YouTube. Peter Orlando and I spent countless hours selecting video clips to accompany each Realizations, and we previewed hundreds of potential music tracks. Like the booklet, each element had to be just right. Even as I’m writing this article we’re still putting the final touches on the video. Everything will be released on or before the November 4 Shoud. 

Through all of this, I developed a new appreciation for distilling. I came to realize the challenges and beauty of distilling. My Fermenter aspect likes to think things over, which is often an excuse for not doing anything other than shoving the issue into a barrel. Oftentimes the mental fermentation process only means the issue goes sour rather than turns into wine. Distilling can appear to be harsh, but it forces one to quickly get to the point and move on. There is a tremendous sense of clarity when issues or projects are distilled. This process made me realize that I already know the answers intuitively, but I’m just reluctant to apply the fire of distilling. 

Congratulations Shaumbra. Our 21 Shaumbra Realizations will be released this week in PDF and video formats, and soon it will even be available in printed form. It’s been a long time coming… not just since the first of the year, and perhaps not just since 1999 when Crimson Circle was organized. It’s more like two thousand years of experiences distilled down to 21 points of Realization. Let’s toast the occasion with a glass of St. Germain, a French liqueur made from elderflower blossoms. Distilled of course, not fermented. 

21 Shaumbra Realizations is now available in the Crimson Circle Store, on the main Crimson Circle website, and on YouTube!


  • Geoffrey Hoppe

    Geoffrey Hoppe founded the Crimson Circle in 1999 after a series of conversations with the angelic being known as Tobias. He left the corporate world in 2001 to devote his full time to the Crimson Circle, along with his wife Linda. Geoff channeled Tobias until 2009 when Tobias returned to earth in a new incarnation known as Sam. Tobias handed off his guidance role with the Crimson Circle to Adamus Saint-Germain, a facet of the Beloved St. Germain who has been working with humans for hundreds of years. Geoff has been the messenger of Adamus Saint-Germain ever since.


46 thoughts on “LEARNING TO DISTILL”

  1. I was reading this article with a fermenter point of view and also knowing what Adamus does when he wants things in a certain way.
    Being a fermenter myself, I can relate to so many things in the article. And then I reached this sentence “My Fermenter aspect likes to think things over, which is often an excuse for not doing anything other than shoving the issue into a barrel.”

    And Adamus is here telling me “you get it now?”


    Thank you for sharing this Geoffrey.

  2. Thank you Geoff, I laughed my ass off reading your article, good, dark sense of humor. I AM a Virgo like yourself, but like Adamus, I AM a distiller and preffer wiskey.

  3. Destilling down 2000 years of experiences to 21 points of Realization is heroic! It will be an important legacy of our work and wisdom, and helpful for many who embark on this journey. Like lamp posts on their way. My heartfelt thanks to you Geoff and to all who have been involved! ⚜️

  4. This was such a great read ^.^ thanks Geoff, love the analogy!
    From a fermenter practicing the difficult art of distilling hehe…

  5. I loved the article. The presentation at the Merlin event was great, and it was very clear that you had worked on those for quite a while because you were at ease with explaining them. Choosing images must have been a reverse game of Dixit: in Dixit, you have to choose a short description (a word, a sound, a gesture – anything succinct) to describe a very abstract image that often makes very little sense to the mind, but you shouldn’t be too obvious because then there’s no game. It’s very hard at first, but once you switch your mode from mental to imaginative, it becomes so easy and so much fun. And here you had to do the reverse – visualize the most abstract notions and processes.

    Looking forward to seeing the “21 Realizations” and also reading more about your process of working with Adamus in your future articles (and possibly interviews, or maybe a book?) You must have learned so much from him about clarity in all forms and shapes, it would be so useful for all of us if you kept sharing your unique experience!

    Huge thanks to the CC staff for doing this work!

  6. Brigitte Gasser

    Hurray and thanks to all having been involved in this challenging and beautiful artwork process❣

  7. Oh damn – I am reduced to tears! And breathlessness! Of course – the thousands and thousands of treasures that start to appear when contemplating the scope of the “I Am”. And I find myself floundering and using the F word ( of which I am generally wary). So I am feeling into how big the task was and am full of admiration to Geoffrey and the staff for staying with it. A good guide book is a great aid, and I am looking forward to having it to refer to.

  8. Nathalie Charluet

    I’m amazed at the emphasis on effort and difficulty, when the message is to “let things come to you without effort”.
    One thing I’ve come to understand is that consciousness is evolutionary. Today, you find the result perfect (such was your wish for service), but in a month or two, your point of view will have broadened or deepened, or even changed angle. Why not make this booklet a sort of evolving glossary on your website?
    Your desire for perfection is so illusory. Even Adamus isn’t perfect, in the sense that he’s never perfectly understood by everyone at the same time. (Surely perfection lies in the fact that they’ll understand when the time comes, even if it’s through a different voice, because that doesn’t matter). But behind it all, I recognize your passion for what you do and for the message you carry. Nevertheless, insisting on your efforts is, in my opinion, the opposite of the message.
    I think the “21 Achievements” idea is brilliant, and I thank you for your generosity in sharing it.

    1. Do you also give Adamus grief for sitting in the crystal for too long and for emphasizing the effort and the difficulty when telling his story?

  9. Thank you Geoffrey and CC Team for the indescribably helpful and valuable and grand service you do for us Shaumbra . I am sincerely grateful for that❣️❣️❣️❣️🙏🙏🙏🙏
    In my personal life, I am probably in the same process of distilling my life library, although I feel like I am going through all stages at once. I am in the process of squeezing ( me , like the grapes) and then the short moments where I experience the enjoyment of the cherry……I never expected it to be so exhausting again 🤪😉

  10. In the very early days of Keahak, Adamus challenged us to distill when we kept our journals. Although it was a bit difficult in the beginning, I soon caught on as I felt the wisdom in doing so. Congratulations to the CC staff for completing this monumental distillation!

  11. Zoe cifuentes (YISHANA)

    Great work, full of passion, done by the Crimson Circle team. This passion with which we will read these 21 realizations, will continue to evolve in our consciousness, will help us go deeper in understanding who we really are.
    Congratulations for your achievement .

  12. Zoé cifuentes (YISHANA)

    Great work, full of passion, done by the Crimson Circle team. This passion with which we will read these 21 realizations, will continue to evolve in our consciousness, will help us go deeper in understanding who we really are.
    Congratulations for your achievement .

  13. OMG, I was also in my personal process of distilling these last weeks! And same, it was about all concepts I was knowing and for which I probably had also intuitive answers, but did not reach the point yet to clearly comprehend and apply in 3D reality. I now feel like all pieces are in place to expand and shine in my mastery. What-a-relief!!!

  14. This article came just in time for me; I read it on October 31, two days befor my birthday. For years, I’ve experienced great impulses coming around the time of my birthday. Being a scorpio and alchemist in a modern sense, I’v always felt myself to be a catalyst, to be the one to propell things without being too much involved in them. Well, this still holds true.
    And here comes Adamus, talking about the art of distilling life experience into 10 words or so. I’ve never realized that this is exactly what I’ve been doing all my life. People attribute this characteristic to me being a scorpio. There’s certainly some truth in this. But thanks to Adamus, I’m starting to realize this different approach on my “I am” which in fact feels like some kind of relief.
    So, thank you, Adamus, for this perfect birthday present.

  15. I resonated with distillation when I realized that it is more practical to start from the essence and then develop, than the other way around! Before distillation, I was approaching the chaotic innocuousness in my own energy and ending up exhausted.
    But the distillation, the wisdom, is the light of experience!

  16. There’s a wonderful quote by Adamus from Shoud 8, 2012: “As you expand your consciousness – and that’s where sometimes words are so limited… don’t think of expansion as going like this – outer (reaching out). Expansion, in a very strange way is actually like this (moving his hands together). Now, the mind says, ‘Well, no. That’s collapsing.’ No, it’s distilling. So when you expand your consciousness, you’re actually clarifying it, simplifying it, distilling it.”

  17. Vielen Dank, lieber Geoffrey, für die wundervolle Beschreibung, was sich im Hintergrund abgespielt hat, während dieses Prozesses des Destillierens. Ich erkannte ihn sofort wieder, auch wenn ich ihn nicht so bezeichnet hätte. Ich benutze auch immer zu viele Worte und versuche dann in mehreren Schritten, wie eine Bildhauerin, meine Aussagen, Botschaften klarer in Form zu bringen. Ich kenne auch den Wunsch, es gleich beim ersten Mal umzusetzen, also das Feuer zu nutzen. Doch das hat oft einfach das Feine, die Energie, nur verbrannt, die ich ohnehin nie in Worte fassen kann. So lege ich also jetzt Schicht für Schicht frei, bis ich fühle, das die Essenz anfängt zu leuchten. Die Herausforderung, dieser Essenz dann noch die richtigen, stimmigen Bilder zu geben, die wie Töne, wie Kostüme sind, kenne ich als Grafik-Designer und Künstler auch nur zu gut. Es ist eben ein Gesamtkunstwerk, das lebendig werden will!
    Was für eine grandiose Herzensarbeit! Ich liebe es!
    Ich gratuliere ganz herzlich zu dieser “Geburt” und bin sehr neugierig, es zu fühlen, zu schmecken, zu sehen…

  18. Gratitude to all
    Maybe after reading this I will start to like whiskey…without giving up wine, I’m French it’s true!
    Merci infiniment

  19. Thank you for this. I laughed so hard…lol. I am definitely a distiller and my partner is a fermenter. I’m always asking him for the ‘Coles Notes’ version when he’s explaining things as he tends to give me every excruciating detail….lol. I am a wine drinker however. 🙂

  20. Yoko Kanazawa (Mona)

    Thank you very much for your wonderful messages! And I’m surprised. I too had just finished filing away 16 years of wisdom. When I quickly checked it, there were 181 pages. LoL 😆

    And I am joy 😊
    And l love Geoffrey ❤️

  21. Bravo and mahalo, Geoffrey, for describing the distillation process to a tee! Distillation is not a simple process. Yet, the perfection in the results is one-of-a-kind, just like each of us. Again, you have provided the written description to go beyond-the-beyond of the conventional recipe of mass consciousness into the unique banquet of individual creation-ness.
    P.S. Multiple copies of “21 Shaumbra Realizations” have been ordered to anonymously place on benches. 🙂

  22. Thanks so much, it is a precious jewel. I’m so not at all a distilling human; it would have been excruciating job for me to distill such a complex subject. It’s so good to look at the video, all is so appropriate and beautiful as for the eyes and for the heart too. I love it looking forward to see the PFD of it too.

  23. Kz’aZ~Za alias Ad Voermans

    I read your article after having the absolute joy of receiving the end result. The whole 21-realization feels soooooo good, sooooooo natural. Not one word too much, not one word missing. Below/beyond the words the message flows without any restriction. Wonderful and infinite thanks.

  24. Mimi Sapparrart

    Beautiful job. What fun! I’m à distiller by nature, which lends itself to my love of writing poetry. A thousand thanks to you all.

  25. The verbal presentation, the video, and the book are all magnificent. Thank you so much for this difficult and beautiful work. I keep the book with me, and will be giving a few as Christmas presents to those who will understand. 🙂

  26. From Virgo to another – I hear you! 🙂 Congratulations on another job WELL DONE! Despite the time, the labour and energy it takes, you follow through and deliver. My hat is off to you and your team. So poetically written it melds with my soul. Thank you for all you share and give to this community.

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