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1 thought on “WELCOME”

  1. I Am That I Am, St. Gromovnik from sovereign domain.

    I love “21 Shaumbra Realizations” and I deeply resonate with the wisdom and the insights shared in this amazing summary. For my own version I added my energy to every number, of course, but I also added one more number, which I share with you here for evaluation and possible expansion of your text for the folowing

    Number 22
    I am energy. That’s how I choose to experience these final years on the planet. I, the human, allow myself to be energy, so that I can choose consciously my experiences, balanced with wisdom and clarity. I am energy that has no force, no power and no duality, that does not hurt, that is not painful and that does not overwhelm, ever. It’s a huge liberation for me because I let go of my human identity – everything is now energy: my thoughts, beliefs, my mind, my past, even my limitations, even my fears – they are brought to energy, an energy that does not have duality to it, that does not have force and power, that has no agenda until I decide how I want to experience it.
    I feel now my thoughts as energy, even my emotions as energy, even my tiredness, my body, the things I love most, even my sensuality I feel now as energy – before they were simply illusions, simply a dream, but a dream that wasn’t who I really am.
    Now I have no need for attraction of energy to bring my experience, because I am the energy absolutely balanced with wisdom and clarity.


    I Am St. Gromovnik

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