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Hapiru in History

In Shoud 1 of the Illumination Series, Adamus talked about the angelic family called Hapiru, noting how their ancient history has led to the current conflict in the Middle East. 

For those who are interested in learning more about Hapiru and related issues, we have compiled a list of relevant products that are available in the Crimson Circle store, along with brief excerpts. You can also do a search for “Hapiru” on the main CC website to find references given in past Shouds. 

Standard Technology

“Some try to figure out what’s special about this land. It is the energy of divinity, the potential of human & divine melding together that was placed in it long before it was ever known as Israel, long before humans walked the Earth.”

Tobias Returns to Israel

“A small group of Hapiru took the essence of energy and information that we had developed in the Temples of Tien and travelled through the lands. They found their way to the place you now call Israel, they were drawn to it.”

“When Abraham was called by God, it wasn’t actually God. It was the soul of Hapiru calling to Abraham to say, “It is time now, the Earth is ready to begin the integration of divine & human.”

“Hapiru were the very first to understand the concept of God. But there is no need to hold that energy in this land anymore. It’s already flowing, making itself available to all of humanity.”

Battlefields of Power

“Not only those of Jewish lineage that are Hapiru, but the ones who call themselves Palestinians too. They are brothers and sisters, and sometimes the family conflicts are the most difficult, the longest lasting.”

“Whether it is about the angelic family of Hapiru, whether it is about any other family, those who are seeking to be the embodied Masters, need to realize that their family is not truly theirs. You face these things that need to be released, so that you are free.”

Journey of the Angels

“The original Hapiru group who founded Atlantis took a certain ownership of it. They felt that they deserved more mind power, more attractive bodies. This created an imbalance that eventually led to the downfall of Atlantis. Hapiru developed an incredible group karma, and unfortunately, many of them are still suffering for it today.”

The Wound of Isis

“The Jews… which I was one… are a celestial family that we call Hapiru who were – how to say – very powerful, very intelligent and extremely arrogant. Sounds familiar! (some laughter) This karma – how to say – this consciousness of Hapiru showed up once again in the times of Atlantis and it caused great imbalance. Great chaos and destruction.

“This karma of Hapiru remained very strong within the Jewish consciousness. Jewish consciousness knew that in order to even hope to go into the New Energy, and in order to prevent another mass destruction of earth, it had to cleanse its karma, somehow. 

So, being very – how to say – efficient and wanting to work through the karma very quickly … the Jews who went through the Holocaust allowed themselves to be the victims… allowed themselves to cleanse the karma of the Jewish race, of Hapiru.”


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  1. I am distilling this history lesson into a good wiskey, drinking it all and letting it go. Sounds a bit like a sneeze, haapprrrooooooohhh

  2. I remember one of Dr. D. comments. He said how he is angry about Angels/Watchers (or whatever you call them) coming here and messing things up. Meanwhile it was Hapiru fun game, but Watchers got blamed 😀

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