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How can I truly go beyond this human identity?

Compiled by Carolina Oquendo

Q – Dear Master, we’ve been talking long enough about letting things go. I know that I no longer need to keep holding on to old stuff such as how I look, what I should be doing or even thinking, but I can’t seem to really (and definitively) get over it. Why am I, against my better “knowingness,” still hung up on those old things? 

This is the typical way of human thinking.

When you encounter dark rooms – a metaphor for meaning something new in your life – it’s generally the decision to run or at least to hold back, or the other decision often made is “Let’s get more data. Let’s just stand here for a while and see if something happens,” but holding one hand on the door so you could exit as quickly as possible. It’s time to go beyond that. 

And when I walk up and say, “What are you going to do now? You’re in this dark room. You have no idea what it is. You’re afraid. You peed on yourself, you were so afraid. What are you going to do?” You say, “I’m going to grab that scepter and that scepter is going to show me the way.” 

And you get out of your mind. You stop thinking, and you’re aware of your emotions, but they don’t overwhelm you. 

You hold that scepter, and you let it transport you now into the potentials, into your energy. 

And when you get into your potentials, it’s not that the answer is there. (…) You’re going to be instantly attracted to the potential that holds what you would call the greatest level of satisfaction, of sensuality, the least level of suffering, the least level of resistance.

Hold that scepter and let it transport you into your own energy where all the answers are there, and where the answer with the greatest joy and the greatest grace is going to be so self-evident to you, so clear to you (…) it’ll smack you like a big knowingness. 1

Q – When you say “take the scepter,” I imagine it as accepting my energy, my worthiness and shining my light for myself. What are your thoughts on this?

Shining light means you’ve come to the point as the human where you realize that there’s so much more. You come to the point realizing that you now have wisdom. That you do have. You come to the point of realizing that the journey, the quest for the Holy Grail is over now. You are here. You’re in Realization.

And now as the human just shines its light, it’s basically saying, “I give up on trying to maintain my old identity. I give up on power building. I give up on trying to be a superhuman being. I simply allow myself.” And you shine that light and it shines it onto the true Master – who’s not the human – the true Master. It is you, but not just your human identity. It goes so far beyond.

You’ve identified yourself as a human, and so much of what you’ve been doing is to make that a better, happier, wealthier, healthier human. It’s not about that. Let that go.2

Q – I understand what you say. But this is not my first time letting go of things. Honestly, they feel more like distractions I keep in my life, making it difficult to see what’s behind them. Is there a way to stop getting distracted by these issues?

The greatest transformation takes place when you can simply be there in your light of the present moment; when you’re not trying to heal or change, but simply being there as that light.

Not getting caught in the wounds, not getting caught in the shame, not getting immersed in the darkness, but simply there. 3

Q – And why does it seem that this “letting go” never ends? After cycles of tears, pain or even sickness, of bringing these “issues” into my awareness and coming to “understand” why they are there; after I truly believe I have let them go, they and other things STILL keep coming up. It’s like a never-ending cycle.

Because when you are associated with the things of Earth, when you are associated with yourself as a human and other human beings, you’re always going to accumulate this grease and this tar and the dirt and the imbalances of the vibrational state. Because truly living in the human state, truly living in this place you call Earth is unnatural. It’s an amazing experience, but it’s not natural. 

And when you embed yourself and you embody yourself in it, you’re always going to be picking up the imbalances, the dirt and the grease of life.

So you will go through this, but the good thing is that in the future you’re going to go through it more as the observer. You won’t be so intimately involved and you won’t feel the question of whether you’ll come through it. 

You’ll already know that you’re going to come through it. 

Yes, the body might get sick, and yes there might be times the mind is confused. But as the observer, as the Master, you’ll realize that you’ve already come through it. There’s no question about will it work out or not. That question is already answered. 

Yes, it did work out. Then it’s just about allowing that very natural process to take place, that cleansing and that renewing.

Q – How do I realize that everything worked out from the limited perspective of the human?

Take a deep breath and you relax into it. You allow it. 

[Before] you were so deep into it that you couldn’t see that you had already come through it. You were so into the experience of the pain and the doubt and the fear that you couldn’t see that it was indeed just a time of rejuvenation and cleansing. Your doubts clouded your true thoughts, your true knowingness and your I Am to the point that you forgot about who you were and you forgot about your own I Am.

[Now] you realize that even the dark days and nights, you realize even this torturous inner duality is there for a reason. Not for a lesson. Not to prove anything (…) But it’s there in the greatest compassion of enlightenment, realization – realization that you could say is already there. 

It’s helping you to realize that it’s not the (human) that’s becoming enlightened. It’s you, all of you.

I know maybe that’s too simple. I know maybe that’s too easy. But, my dear friend, that’s the way it is.4

Q – When you say that it’s not the human that’s becoming enlightened or realized, I understand that I need to go beyond this human identity. And to do that, I need to “move” my consciousness to where it all works out, as you mentioned before. Could you describe that “place” or that state of being?

To begin with, you are nothing. 

You’re not singular anymore. You’re not limited to one expression or one identity.

You are, as they say in the ancient language, you are mu. Nothing. You do not exist anymore. You’ve been crushed and torn out of existence. Nothing left. 

But nothingness is like silence. Even in silence it’s not quiet. (…) No longer attached to just being (the human you). No longer attached to just making a better life for yourself, and certainly never again attached to this thing called enlightenment or spirituality. 

That was as much of a part of a game (…) to fortify and to embellish your old identity as anything.

You become everything in the nothingness. You no longer have to focus on (the human). You no longer are singular. You are no longer just living or just dead. You become all things. You are no longer masculine or feminine. 

The beauty of this nothingness is that it frees you. Frees you to the true act of consciousness. You see, before (…) it wasn’t an act. It was the only reality. You didn’t view yourself as acting. You viewed yourself as just living. 

And at that moment, you can act, you can be anything you want. You can be a magician, a magi. You can be a simpleton. You can be them together at the same time. 

You can be an embodied Master and you can be one who is totally unaware that there’s anything beyond their field of vision. And you can be both at the same time. You can be abundant and non-abundant at the same time. 

The beauty is that you freed yourself now to act in any way you want, and to be conscious of it. You see, before you really weren’t conscious. You weren’t aware. Before you were so singular, that you were unaware of anything other than the survival of the human.

(Here) you can act and be anything that you want. It is truly the act of consciousness, awareness, expressed however you want. 

That is freedom.5

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  1. The human will have difficulty to understand how it can be both human and Devine at the same time. However, after having suffered enough , arrival at that point of Realization becomes “the undisputed knowingness” of I am.

  2. Zoé cifuentes (YISHANA)

    It is a great symphony that is perceived in this article between the questions and the great answers of the master. Answers that come at this moment to a more expanded consciousness, to a more open heart willing to be the incarnated master.

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