New Energy Synchrotize

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  • Are you living the life you really want?
  • If not, do you want to understand why?
  • Adamus explains how it all works
  • Release the old hypnosis and beliefs
  • Redesign your reality landscape
  • Finally create the life you desire!

Explore the nature of reality, the effect of belief systems and how you can make conscious choices in your life to bring about the reality that you choose for yourself.”
~ Adamus Saint-Germain

Choosing and Creating Your Reality

As a creator, changing your reality is easy. But the hypnosis of mass consciousness and belief systems has buried this natural ability. In New Energy Synchrotize, Adamus directly challenges the lies you have told yourself, the unconscious beliefs you carry, and the limitations you have chosen. He relates how he faced similar challenges, how he found his way out, and how you can recreate your own reality landscape however you desire. 

This program is an intensive 3½-day journey of looking at your belief systems, releasing the ones you no longer choose, and learning how to create your new reality. Adamus is very present, along with specialized angelic beings, in support for those who are willing to dive deep. It’s a course for those who are truly ready to change. 

Length: 6 sessions
Format: Downloadable audio and text
Access: Unlimited
Cost: $245 $208.25 (through November 30, 2023)
Languages: Text translations in 13 languages

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