ProGnost 2018 Update – Goodbye Gaia

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  • Gaia, your home for so long, is leaving
  • It’s time for humans to take responsibility for the planet
  • TechGREEN – Technology, Gaia, Realms, Earth, Energy, Nature
  • Evolution: moving toward God; Pandelution: God moving in its creation
  • Practical implications of Gaia’s departure
  • Earth needs to be more social, human sovereignty
Earth is Now Humanity’s Responsibility

During the Light of the Merlin event, Gaia, aka Adamah, gave a beautiful message about the role “she” played in the creation of Earth. As the guardian of light for the planet, she is now handing over responsibility for the planet to humans who are allowing their own light. 

In this message, Adamus explains more about Gaia’s role and how, as we allow our Realization, Earth is also going through its own transformation. 

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Length: 3 sessions
Format: Streaming audio, video, and text e-reader
Access: 90 days from date of registration
Cost: $66 $56.10 (through October 31, 2023)
50% discount for previous attendees
Languages: Text translations in 10 languages!

Bonus: Includes download access to an “audio tool” from Session 2

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