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Back in June we announced that the very old videos from Tobias’ Creator Series had been discovered, remastered and made available in the Channel Library. 

Now, we’re happy to announce that the old VHS recordings from the Ascension Series have received the same treatment!

The year 2002 was a time when a huge number of Shaumbra – the ones Adamus calls ‘the Founders’ – felt the call of Tobias, found their way to Crimson Circle, and recognized the deep feeling of Home.

The Ascension Series was given between August 2001 and July 2002. In it, Tobias introduced concepts such as “it’s not about you,” our divine senses, a very special message from Metatron, and much more. 

Crimson Circle did not create videos of the Shouds for the first several years. However, we are fortunate that dear David McMaster began using his camcorder to record Tobias’ messages at the beginning of the Creator Series. It was a simple setup, and nobody worried about things like sound quality, lighting, or stage design. The recordings were stored away and almost forgotten, until recently when David unearthed the old tapes and decided to bring them into the digital era. Working together with Tess Henry, they extracted the recordings from the old magnetic tapes and then gave the footage to Crimson Circle.

As with the Creator Series, the recordings were processed to correct faded colors, make the old, distorted audio as good as possible, and finally uploaded to the Channel Library. The quality is less than perfect due to the age of the recordings, but the love and energy of dear Tobias come through clearly, and another dimension of his precious legacy is there for all to savor. 

A big Thank You to David McMaster for creating and donating these recordings, to Tess Henry for her assistance and especially to Marc Ritter for the many hours spent color correcting, enhancing the audio tracks, and processing the files for final distribution. 

To see the videos of these timeless messages, go to the Ascension Series in the Channel Library and select “Watch” under each lesson. 

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